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  1. How is F5 Commission Calculated?

    Nope, premium members get only 50% discount on listing fee and that's it. And yes, your total daily income is from all characters from that account and only way to check is to sell something and it shows your current daily income in that sale window.
  2. How is F5 Commission Calculated?

    Base selling fee is always 3% and another 1% if the item is over 100g and another 1% if the item is over 1000g. So for fleeso pet that would be 4% total = 28g And daily commission is based on your daily income and it follows the same logic as the selling fee (+1% after 100g, +1% after 1000g, +1% after 10000g). If your daily income is less than 300g when you sell the pet the daily commission will be 1% = 7g, but if your daily income is over 300g (so it will exceed 1000g when you have sold the pet) the daily commission will be 2% = 14g
  3. How is F5 Commission Calculated?

    Listing fee 1% = 1.9g Selling fee 3%+1% = 4% (+1% when the selling price exceeds 100g) - 7.6g Daily comission 1% (from daily income that exceeds 100g) - 1.9g
  4. Bracelet or bt accs (DPS vise)

  5. Who made this event????

    Since some people have hard time believing it:
  6. Event and potential profit math

    You are all forgetting one important thing: keys are the limiting factor. Max keys you can get 6wk x 7d x (3dc +6 F10) = 378 keys. The droprate for ginseng seems to be around 10%, that's ~38 ginsengs total which equals 3800g. And you can't get special box 100% even with 1k ap+ on crowded server unless you are one of the boosted class (SF/WL/SIN/BD).
  7. FM need some tweak

    This game is not meant to be played with 300ms+ Every class is useless with that kind of ping (except maybe warlock if your only rotation is tab + tab + alt-tab as you mentioned).
  8. Guild crafting outfits

    No. It's meant to be hard to get and exclusive.
  9. I apologize my attitude, I got triggered because people complained about fabrics 'being impossible to get', 'needs to be fixed' while in fact NCSoft is flooding market with fabrics with every possible event (rng boxes, name it) and the fabric price is all time low and it's gonna crash even more when the trove is coming. At the same time in Taiwan the fabric price over 8g each, you should be grateful for < 2g fabrics we have here. Anyway, for those who wonder how much is the total cost to get this achievement: Materials Count Price (avg EU) Special Mat 350 350g 00s 00c Soulstone 1750 350g 00s 00c Frozen Stinger 1750 437g 50s 00c Silverfrost Mountains Dew 3500 700g 00s 00c Small Dragon Certificate 1050 0c Fabric 175 350g 00s 00c Mirage Crystal 364 0c Crafting Fee 7 1051g 49s 94c 3238g 99s 94c + lost profit from crafting with 2 professions during those 62 days: 2x 7,5g x 62 = 930g Total costs: 3239g + 930g = 4169g
  10. I had 1200 Small Dragon Certificates saved from doing daily challenge when I started my journey towards the Crafty Collector. I'm afraid there is no other way to get the Small Dragon Certificates than doing the dungeons. You can try to contact the support and pray for good RNG.
  11. And while you are still farming your 3500 mountain dews (because farming everything yourself is the way to go, right?) i got this today morning: For those who are wondering it took me 62 days (28th of Dec - 27th of Feb).
  12. How's your DPS?

    Other gear correct but awakened crit soul.
  13. How's your DPS?

    Today I found out our class is balanced:
  14. plz extend the event by 1 week

    Please no more purple train!
  15. I don't know about you but for me: most expensive = hardest, there is F5 for a reason. And I'm all set with the fabric: