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  1. 1 hour ago, Shukran said:

    i am pretty sure u cannot be reported for low ap, so be relaxed.


    moreover, let's say u are banned for wrong reasons. be sure that a ticket sent to the support (NO POST ON FORUM) will fix every problem. at the right time.


    so, dont worry.


    anyway, if u really jkust cvome back, it is not "nice signal" u are already here on forum complaining.

    Dude.... I'm not complaining haha, why nowdays everyone thinks that when someone just say something? :s I want to REALLY know WHY now its like that.


    And yeah, i explained and they just stay with their "you're a cheater" mentallity, because, if I have that hmlvl I should have money, even if I said I mail it to my main (FM HM8) they said you still have to have 500ap....

    BTW, not only me but I have seen people blaming others for the same reasson from my main. 


    Quest give you exp + money, plus vips, events, etc... would make it easier to lvl up if you have the time to do it, if you did quest long enough, but don't use the gold on THAT character, obviously the wep/acc wouldn't upgrade itself.


    Btw, playing since launch I think i'm pretty outgeared, so... still don't find the logic there lol

  2. I come back to the game (I left on the first merchant of wonders, just logged in sometimes, but not so much), I didn't have a graphic card before so it was impossible for me to do Silverfrost vaults because of fps...

    When I left, one of my alts was on hm lvl 6 and others in 5 or 3 (now 7 with the "new" history), the first one -not my main- it's on 457 ap (was 410 when I come back), now everyone say you're a cheated, you boosted your characters and etc....
    Then I asked someone, why and he say "because you SHOULD at least have 500 ap"....

    I have been using my alts just for money (Did shitty dailies and mailed the money to my main, because I CANT play with them because I still  have shitty fps and ping).
    So, i'm actually worried to use my alts... if you get so many reports for people who thought you're boosted (when you clearly not...), can I still get banned...? I didn't pay 120 bucks to risk my account like that, but people seems to don't care about it lol


    Sorry for my english... but I was a bit worried.

  3. I actually think the outfits looks pretty cool, but I agree its a bit offensive for the artist who put a lot of work on this costume to ignore variants...

    I don't know guys... I think it would be great if they launch a 2nd version for races who didn't get the variant, while not replacing this version. I actually like a lot more the Jin version on the races, but it would be nice to see the others too.


    Coming back to the topic: Yes, I want it too in at least 2 characters... one for my Yun, and other for my Lyn. Would be cool to have more, even if you pay for it, but hey, its free and really cute.

  4. I was going to put it on general discussion, but though this would be more convenient here since it is a bug...

    This error started on BSH patch (at least for me and the majority of the FM I know), to fix it till now (Not permanent) I used to change costume and put the one I want to use again, but to make it not disappear at all, you have to put on the Options/Graphics/Advanced Settings menu:


    Apply to all -> 5.

    It doesn't matter if you low everything else later, but that one must be on 5. It fixes passive orbs too and others effects.


    I'm really sorry if something like that was posted before, but I didn't find something like that on this forum and others and wanted to share it for those like me that like their bangle to appear, even more if you payed a wep skin for it :P


    (Aaaand, sorry my english too.)


  5. 15 minutes ago, Liinxy said:



    The Silver Dragon costume will be replaced by the Samurai outfit set when the 365 Day Premium Membership is refreshed and as of right now, we don't believe it will be available again. If you want to be guaranteed the Silver Dragon costume, we do suggest purchasing it before the Samurai set takes its place.

    Well, that's actually sad but its fair enough. I know it will be replaced with the new outfit, but I really find it ugly, so its a nope for me, lol.

    I may or may not be able to get the money before it, but I will try. Thanks for the answer!

  6. Well, since it is the actual 1 year VIP outfit, what will happen to it? I don't see it on the MISC category, instead, I see it in the Hongmoon Store category (I know it has been on the HM Store the first month and so, but it isn't anymore as far as I know).


    My point is... I wanted to buy 1 year VIP but I don't have the money yet, one of the reasson was that costume (And I miss VIP, but my only reasson to buy the 1 year one was Silver Dragon...), but honestly I won't be buying the one year one with the new costume, since I don't like it.

    So, I want to know (From and admin of the game) if the costume its going to be available later? I'm pretty sure the answer will be "no" but as I see it is not catalogue like the Master Packs one, well, I may be kinda lucky...




    I'm sorry for my english, i'm still learning.

  7. 5 hours ago, kittenesse said:

    I understand where you're coming from with people from SA being sort of... not kind or complaining a lot. 

    I have a close friend in Brazil and as much as I love him dearly, he *can* be a troll, rude, and a bit obnoxious to play with -- I personally figured it was a culture thing, as he has told me a couple times that it is normal to complain a lot in Brazil.  


    Buttttt, I love him and we also have a shit ton of fun running dungeons together and playing with other people. So, idk if you'd like to join us, but we are on the Jiwan server. I've met some really cool people there if you ever wanna play >///< 


    There have been times when my ping is actually worse than his and I'm lagging behind him. I would love for all places to have their own servers... but can we just fix the problems we have right now first before we start adding more problems? So.. I'm sorry, but as much as I want to support this, I can't right now. I'd rather have NCSoft look into the continuing bot issue, ping issue, DC issue, etc. 

    Actually I have a friend for brazil too, but he moved to another server.
    I would be glad to join but I'm in Old Man Cho and i don't have plans to move for now.
    BTW what he said is true. Here in SA its like "normal" to be a troll/rude, sometimes its OK to do some jokes, but others... not really. I think everything have a limit. And this is something I really hate about where I live. Most of the "jokes" are really bad ones and they end in affecting someone. (For example, bid a lot one item we said before to be for me or for someone else, and its not a tradeable item)

  8. I'm going to copy/paste something I post some time ago in other forum, but before that i'm going to add something:
    If NCsoft decide to make a SA server, please, make something for the actual people in NA servers, but specially for Disciple/Master pack users: Some of us used the name reservation, and some of us got our dream name (I got one I wanted to use for a loong time in videogame), so, make the opportunity for us to move our characters with our original names (and ofc, our items and all that) in NA to the SA server, if there's going to be another Name reservation for SA, then do it BEFORE that. If someone wants to change his toon name, then it can do it when it start, but before that, nobody can change it, and if it is going to be like NA, with only 2 names reservations, then only 2 toons can have their names changed.



    As an Argentinian, i can't really really support the idea for a SA sv.
    I would love have like 50 ms, that's true, but the latino community is the worst, btw i'm not saying "all SA people are trash", but everything I can think of a SA sv is:

    - A VERY VERY toxic community
    - Full of "TROLLS" (Yeah, I know NA is actually full of them, but im pretty sure SA would get even more.)
    - Like aco said, the ranked system would be very poor....
    - Probably a waste of money, not everyone (myself included, with somethings) can handle every thing of the item mall/market (I forget the name on the official sv), and if NA people are actually saying the game is P2W, you can't imagine how tons of latinos would cry for even the less P2W things, and saying how everything is expensive, that they want things for free and if they doesn't get it, they would start to said that the sv is trash and blah blah.
    - Like GefZ said, we have shitty pc. Not everyone, of course but.... (I actually meet more people with great PC... but there's still an high number of people with bad pc, I actually play with REALLY bad FPS, windowed mode and blah blah).

    My experience of latino people on B&S (on others sv): I only meet 3 persons of TONS that wasn't people like that.
    Everyone else, just insulted everyone who doesnt know how to do a vault/kill a boss, and in the place of explaing to these people, they just went AFK, EVERY-SINGLE-TIME, or just insulted, insulted and insulted.
    If not, they where competing for no reasson. Like "oh you just got the dobok i want and i can't get because i dont have the gold/money for buy it? ok, then, f*** you" ( me -> O.o) 
    If they was the one who doesnt know how to do a vault, i spend lot of time explaining every single thing for them, tell the same thing like 20 times if they didn't understand, and then all i got was "just shut up moron"....
    And something that I am very disappointed about my country (and the rest of SA...) is that "everything is always the game fault".
    Oh! The Spider just one shot you because you never use your dodge skills and you have like... 9k of life? "meh, that thing is broken, just nerf it" and that with everything. I seen that on NA too, but not the same way as in LATAM svs of any game/sv of this game.

    And looooot of things more, so... I would really REALLY love have less ping (I play on NA with 250-240ms, 200 to 190 with WTFast, Florida sv) but the community make me think thats not really worth, i think that sv would die easily.
    If someday they start a SA sv i'll probably make an account and all, but i'm going to play NA mainly.

    Note: Maybe i talk in general, but I want to make clear that I AM NOT TELLING THAT ALL LATINOS ARE THE SAME, i would never say that, because I know good people, it's just my mistake because I do not know how to speak english good and sometimes i dont even know how to express some things.
    As i said before, all i said is my experience on WHAT I SEE or how i (and other people) feel some things.

    Sorry for my english!

  9. It happened to me with my ForceMaster, but since the new patch it happends a lot more, its kinda frustrating with my WL.


    Hi I googled this problem because my alt has no problem with Mushin but I was trying to switch my main to warlock and I can't get pass Bromani without resetting him :( Is there an upcoming fix for this I hope?? I really want to play my lock!


    For now, try to just use one CC at the time and try to be as near as Bomani as you can. Don't summon Thrall at the beginning of the fight, because if Thrall disappear Bomani resets, so, try to use it midle of the fight. Also, do not use SS too much because he will reset too. That's how I lead with the resets of every mob... its frustrating because well... as you are range class (With high cast), you're squishy and if you can't use your roots makes you more vulnerable, but oh well...

  10. 3 minutes ago, Fatface said:

    Ok, that makes me happy:) I'm guessing you cant make them bigger than that? I love the big elf ears like WoW.

    If that was possible I would definitely make a yun.

     I don't remmember there's an option like that for Yuns, but I can be mistaken, I made mines long time ago and just loaded the preset here on NA lol

  11. 5 minutes ago, Fatface said:

    Oh forreal? I guess I never noticed since most people use hair that covers them up.


     I found this photo on Google, i will edit my message later from my own Yun if you want, but here's an example



  12. 5 minutes ago, Fatface said:

    I don't really understand how yun is any different from a normal human. They could have given them elf ears or something to differentiate between them. Not that they aren't lovely though. Just unnecessary;]

    They.... they actually have elf-style ears.


    BTW, finally some love for Yuns! Here's my ForceMaster and my BladeMaster, next would be Qi Master/Soul Fighter! But i didn't make her future preset.






  13. Just now, Mallior said:

    I cant understand why are the costumes "Bind on Pick up". We cant give it to our other character, i have wardrobe, but for what? It changed a lot if we could trade costumes like cat ones. I just dont understand why, i have 2 very rare costume duplicated on my lyn, i wont use it, and cant give it away....cant even salvage it -_-

    And dont tell me because in this way only a few have it.....if tradeable it wont make more drop...only 100-150g price for a costume....but if you want it you can get it. *sigh* hate this broken rng....

    300+ run still no costume here, i gave up, its only needed to fill my wardrobe ....


    Probably because the costumes are more like an achievement (That one actually gives you one when you put it to your character). I can feel you btw.

    I got the 24 man Pohwaran one 5 times in my ForceMaster. I'm not kidding.

  14. I lost the count about how many runs I made because I did many for like 3 - 4 days, but I got like 400 - 500 tags.

    It was actually funny, this game always give me the costumes I'm not interested at all, but the ones I want I have to farm them A LOT. It was like that in all the servers I played.

    With this one I tried to put me a goal after all the runs, I said "if I made a perfect run  I'm sure the costume will drop". So, I made everything my best possible, without the King Hujikoi touching me with his attack that can't be blocked (the one he "eats" you). I made everything as I wanted but on the last boss I didn't want to die, at the very very end (he got like 1k of life at the moment) I lost a life and I said "ok, I lost it", I killed him and got it :D


    YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE ANYTHING OF THAT, remember its RNG. It was only a goal I put to myself at the same run I got my costume. I said that just because i find  funny how this game always give me the thing I need when i really think I lost it or I never going to get it. It happened to me with wep and items a lot. (96 Hujikar keys for the weapon of my BladeMaster....*sigh*)


    Got it yesterday.

    Sorry my english.



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