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  1. Why would they be offered anything beyond what you can hypothetically get with the Master Pack's $125? A f2p game isn't a crowdfund campaign. There doesn't have to be exceedingly more extravagant rewards just because someone wants to pay more money, and the moment publishers begin to think that way is the moment they lose everyone who isn't willing to put thousands of dollars into their game. People are already having second thoughts over the money they've put in so far. To imply that the only thing "Master Pack" grants is just a taste of the full Premium experience, but isn't really substantial unless they sacrifice more money, is rather underhanded.


    A crowdfund campaign is exactly what a F2P game is. Just as in any other crowdfunding campaign, everyone contributes the amount they feel comfortable with and the result is everyone gets access. The people that are spending the money are the ones keeping the machine running by picking up the cost for the free players. The free players do their part by keeping the world populated so that the spenders have people to play and have fun with. Make no mistake... without those spenders funding the game by buying junk every month, the business model fails and the game shuts down. At least 50% of the income a F2P game will earn is going to be coming from the top 10% of cash shop buyers. Keep in mind this game does not even have a box. Giving everyone who had purchased a founders pack a permanent premium status would add a lot of risk to the future of this project.

  2. True. This is quite annoying. I approached an instance that I had a shared field quest with another player in, as well as a story quest and some blue quests. We decided to join up because the field quest mob had a Boss rating(dog boss). We had cleared the trash and then we killed the dog boss and then I started working on my individual quests. Moments later, when he left the instance, it completely reset and kicked me out, too. I had to start over again clearing out the mobs before I could work on my quests. An annoyance I could do without.

  3. I think it's safe to say that this is an OS issue at this point. All but one of you identified using windows 8 or higher as a commonality. Possibly a skylake optimization issue for our friend with the 6700K(didn't state his operating system). A 980ti should walk all over this game with no issues. It's got 70% more cuda cores than my card and near double the memory. Skylake optimizations will come with time, but for the rest of you, this is definitely something NCSoft will need to address.


    This game locks at 92 FPS for me and stays there indefinitely no matter where I go or what I do.


    I have Windows 7 Pro

    4790K @4.8Ghz

    16GB DDR3 @2400hmz

    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX970

    Game is installed on Crucial M.2


    Edit: I am playing at 1920x1080 at all max settings.

  4. Gotta go, gotta go! That star's gotta go! It's too darn big and it is definitely out of place. Please, please, please give us an option to completely turn it off (if there isn't already). I do not want to see anyone's premium star! The run animations are enough for me. At the very least, change it to something that fits the world better and is smaller. It is distracting and totally takes you out of the game!

  5. A fair price for a high quality costume would be something in the realm of $6.00 - $12.00 US. Costumes that are only available in a gamble box are against humanity and everything it stands for. Such practices are corrupt and exploitative. Stick to the high road NCWest. You don't have to be "that guy" to have a successful product...

  6. If you keep Weapon, Accessories, and Bopae at the highest level possible, you won't really be able to start running full combos on regular mobs until around level 37-40. Don't worry though, you will be able to once you get there. If you do dungeons at the correct level, they'll be challenging enough that some people might die if they don't leave a telegraphed area or something like that. Mostly the earlier dungeons are going to provide you fun, some story, and some practice on game mechanics. Don't worry about the difficulty, as you'll have some real challenges at max level. You'll also have quite a few field quests and outdoor boss quests to do while leveling up.

  7. for the daily spins


    I can see the time limits for FTP players simply because IT is the cost to avoid paying .. NOT sure why it freezes out the paying customer as well though as that seems a bit counter intuitive after give you 2 more rolls ..

    This is the correct answer. NCSoft should implement this way. For a free player, this is part of the "alternative cost". The game is gorgeous and polished and you're getting it all for free, so you can't complain that a feature that's essentially welfare doesn't give it to you fast enough. Paying customers should be able to just spin without restriction.


    In my opinion, everything else about premium membership is just about right. I would probably throw in one extra dragon expansion pouch (or whatever they're called) per month, but that's it. These are quality of life benefits that are not necessary to enjoy the game. They've already officially said that when your membership stops, you keep your rank. Any time you reinstate your membership, the rank you've earned automatically re-applies. The rank system is, by design, a long term loyalty benefit program. You will rank up over time regardless of how you play the game, and people who have been playing for longer periods of time will be able to rank up over time without spending huge amounts of money to do it. Of course, those that want to blow a lot of cash are directly supporting the game. It only makes sense that they are more quickly rewarded with enhanced quality of life benefits, since they'll be paying to keep the servers up and running and NCSoft employees paid. The top 10% of spenders in free to play cash shops typically account for 50% or more of all money spent on a game. Game developers know this, and it's really the only way these free to play models work. It's definitely not a scam. We should be happy that there are people willing to spend a lot of cash in these games, keeping it free for the masses, and not complaining that we have to spend too much to reach top rank, etc.

  8. Jumping and gliding will result in a dead straight line with no change in direction whatsoever. However, once gliding straight, initiating an air-dash will cause a slight and gradual veering off to the left until the increased speeds and extra animations of the air-dash end. It is enough on longer glides that a course correction is necessary to stay on target. I have only played KFM so far, and the character does have the premium animations.

  9. Sprinting around corners indoors typically hangs the character immediately, even if there is clearly no clipping or collision occuring. This may be due to the premium sprint effect being added to the character frame and becoming eligible for collision detection in the game engine. I was unable to test this without the premium. When sprint ends, the issue is relieved.

  10. This quest shows the blue completion star when accepted, which had me attempting to turn in the quest before it was actually possible. This quest requires a dropped "water stone" object from nearby mobs and the drop rate is either bugged or poor. For some players the drop occurs, and for others it never drops. I had to re-log the game to get the drop.

  11. There is definitely an issue with these. Some can be opened and some not. I was in a dungeon with a guild member and he was able to click on a chest and open it, while for me it was not a selectable object. I had keys of all types in my inventory. Seemed pretty random as I played through the game as to which ones were selectable to open and which were not.