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  1. Summoner's Bug skill--Enhanced Seed Shroud

    Its 6:09 AM. Are you expecting to have 30 comments in 10m? Is that you doing it on the video? I wouldn't say it's a bug but a hack. And that player in the video looks like a bot and a scripter to me. Running the game in windowed mode doesn't obviously make you a botter but that's how they do it tho.
  2. Competitive Community Support.

    I feel that the companies expect their games to "grow" by themselves. What I mean is, they advertise their game as eSports but don't put much effort to make it happen. If NCSoft wanted this game to grow as a future eSport they should be the ones running OFFICIAL tournaments with FAR WAY BETTER rewards for the winners and the participants. All the B&S tournaments I have done have been by impbns and some communities. How do you expect B&S to go eSports if you aren't putting any effort into it happening instead you're letting third parties (not officials) running championships, which is fine, but you NCSoft should be the ones doing all this because it will reach to much more people and it will have a heavier impact. But yeah, I agree with everything you said OP.
  3. Why BNS will never be a real Esport

    The difference of lvl 50/1 and 50/7 is not 7 points. When you hit 50/1 you get 5. On even numbers you get 1 and on odd numbers you get 2.
  4. Unlock the Chi Master

  5. Newbie FM - can't drop aggro?

    1. Detonating the ember stacks generetes A LOT of threat and you can't lower that. 2. It's not worth to put any points in the skills that sais reduce the aggro because they aren't your main sustain. 3. Get used to tank. You'll tank when you have higher AP unless you find a very good tank.
  6. LMB HM skill

    No. The correct description is: Generates 1 Focus per enemy hit. Since you are using the "up to 3 enemies" tree, you should recover 3 focus if you hit 3 mobs. Spam that and each attack will recover you 3 focus.
  7. cant save profile photo

    Pretty much.
  8. cant save profile photo

  9. Print Screen bug

    Hey. I know it's a very very late reply but the reason for that is because you don't launch your game as an admin.
  10. So, before the patch everything worked completly fine. I spin the daily dash and I recieve my rewards in the gift box window and I will pick it up, no problems. After the patch EVERYTHING I recieve and ends there it's grayed out and I can't pick it up. Some icons don't even appear. You can see how I got 27 items. From the Lucky Jewels to the last page where before the last patch was applied and the Key, Hammer, Charms and the Pirate Emblem were from the daily dash. I thought, mmmh, maybe I can't pick the objects that are from the daily dash and since I still need to grind to 50, I'll buy an exp food! Pointless lol can't even pick items that I bought from the hongmoon store. Then I was like, oh well maybe it's because it's full... Nope. So yeah, anyone having this problem too and has found a fix? ----- Fixed. I won't erase the post. Basically that Unpack button is new and I didn't even see it. /clap
  11. Prerequisite Quest for Naryu Labyrinth

    Go go, good luck ^^
  12. Prerequisite Quest for Naryu Labyrinth

    Well, it's all a chain. After killing junghado should pop up lab as other people said.
  13. Prerequisite Quest for Naryu Labyrinth

    Mmmh. I had to do blackram -> bloodshade -> and then complete the story quest until yura's letter, then go to Hogshead Hamlet and on the entrance of the town theres the pve dailies board. In front there's a lyn. That one gives you the quest. But if you are already level 50... Unless you haven't gone to Hogshead and got the quest, you are bugged ^^
  14. Naryu 2nd Boss

    1. If your mob gets KD they will stop their aoe. 2. They will stop their aoes and change them for another aoe after XX seconds. Sometimes when I don't pay attention to my stacks and I loose the bomb debuff I find myself at around 5-8 stacks and the mob stops doing the aoe without getting KD and then it switches color. 3. If you use an immunity skill you loose debuff.
  15. Can't pass mushin 4th

    o.O I can't see where it sais it. I probably just clicked from the forum straight away. My bad then ^^ And no clue of BD.