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  1. In EU, for each white orb we lost ~4g, for each DSS we lost ~35g, think about it.
  2. I understand that we will be able to freely swap old legendary badges when the patch hits. Can you please add one option that we can exchange new legendary badges with old legendary badges + corresponding new purple badges. This way we do not have to get yet another old purple badges to fuse with the new purple badges (which is costy) and re-awaken the new badges (which is very costy). Thanks for consideration.
  3. To be fair, A9 can still do 500K+ on F12 with BT ring+earring stage 1 and VT neck stage 1, even with purple elemental accs... As long as you have max bracelet, both badges, and an OK soul like Stormbringer True Ascending...
  4. Among the PvE gems, garnet is the one updated (buffed) recently thus many players want/need to switch to garnet. The non-rng way: doing dragon everyday for a month just to get a hexagonal garnet is really time-consuming. Please consider add those to the sales.
  5. Never got disconnected for about a month. But lately I do get errors all the time. Not using BnSBuddy or anything, no clue why.
  6. I agree with you that the fresh new players who just finished the main quest are very likely not be able to finish two new coming raids (thus not completing the weekly challenge) in the first few weeks. Let's check out what they will miss if they only do SF, FAS, and DKV for a month (four weeks): 12 Raven Feather, 12 Hive Queen Wings, 800K XP, 48-88 bounded soulstones and bounded sacred orbs, 12-20 bounded moonstones, and 12-20 bounded elysian orbs, 12-40 raid elixir, and 12 raid revival charms. I am not counting the trad-able mats as NC promised to shift them to daily challenge which I am pretty sure every new play can complete every day. Take a look at those loss, and see what NC offer as solutions to each of those: Raven Feather and Hive Queen Wings will be obtainable from solar energy and to be honest weekly challenge rewards are never the main source to obtain those mats anyway for every player. 800K XP are nothing compare to the new 1m XP charms (that are very easy to get) that made very clearly toward players that are below H.M. 12 (which includes the fresh new players). I do not know what NC will do to for the missing bounded mats there, even though those are very small amount of mats in terms for a month. The raid elixir and raid revival charms are useless for the fresh new players at this moment, or should I say when the new players find they need raid elixir and raid revival charms to complete VT/TT they must be able to complete the weekly challenges at that time and they are not "new players" anymore. Overall it's sad to see that the fresh new players are not able to complete the weekly challenges in the first month. Luckily they do not loss much for not completing them (for a month). P.S. When I say a month I mean finish daily challenges 30 times which will take you less than 30 minutes a day in a calendar month.
  7. Does BNS Buddy is allowed

    According to the user agreement, it should be banned like any other third party tools. However since it does not harm either players nor NC, NC simply pretends that there is no such thing as BnS Buddy. For example, even if now you are posting this post here, and maybe NC will see it and replying with "Do not use any third party tools or you can be banned.", I highly doubt anyone using it will actually get banned.
  8. I think the amount of exp charms will stay the same after the update.
  9. Check out the WTS/WTB in the discord/game chats and think again if non-limited raids is rewarding or not. Not to mention TT. It's either much easier for whales to be more whales or shake the marketplace like an earthquake.
  10. You want a reactive class, fast attack speed, lots of cc, melee. That leaves you no options but lightning sin. Fast as hell with animation cancellation, probably the fastest in melee at end game. The only class that has 3 different double cc and one of them has very short CD.
  11. No weekly lockout for raids can be game broken. I personally know people who can do VT/SK VERY fast and have no problem play all day every day. I believe there are lots of players like them out there.
  12. If I recall correctly, since the beginning, they made it very clear that True Heart is just a place holder. It is not now it turns out to be useless, they told you it would not be useful since day one. I would like to see they make it a skin tho.
  13. Make only non-legendary souls and pets account bound. Problem solved.
  14. I doubt you read my whole post. But anyway, during the event, you can only take the advantage to get a raven 3 weapon. Let's say you fail to do that so you end up with Baleful 12, BT necklace, NF belt, and NS bracelet. Looks like you are talking about your alt, tell me honestly, which do you think is easier, to upgrade your main character to the same gear mentioned above back then or to upgrade you alt character now? Besides, weeklies + dailies + BT directly give you roughly 150 gold per week. you can make ~1200 gold in two months. During that two months, the weeklies give you enough mat to craft the transformation stones you need (so don't say you have no gold to buy transformation stone), weeklies + BT give you enough raven soul, dailies + weeklies give you enough bound mat for upgrade and more than enough bound soulstone and bound sacred orbs for you to buy legendary elements. Two months from Baleful 12 to Raven 3 would be a DREAM when I first played my main and I was one of the top of the line players to have a Baleful 12 back then. And now it is possible (and tbh, very easy) for every new player. In the worst situation it takes up to three months, still very fast! Plus it is a gangrened raven weapon.
  15. It is all depends on how you view "helping new players". My personal opinion is that, if things are easier to do for any new lvl55 character now than for us "old players" back when we did the same things, I call that's helping new players. If you agree with me on that, then you will find out it is much easier to, let's say, get 5 legendary accs (BT ring, BT earring, DT necklace, NS bracelet, and NF belt) as well as a raven 3 weapon during this event. Among those, the hardest dungeon may be NS and I tested with my friends a couple days ago, where 6 of us all have 820~AP (namely no gems), no legendary acc, baleful 7 (if you are arguing it is hard to get baleful 7 I really do not know what to say). No SB, had BB (sin). And we made it in a single try, no wipes whatsoever. I was playing my alt which is a BM and I do not consider myself as an "exp BM". Of course, it will be different for new players because they may never play NS before so it may take couple of wipes for them to learn the mechs. But I do not see any problem with that, players are supposed to learn the mechs either from wipes or tons of guide videos on YouTube. Same thing for Raven 3 weapon, assuming you have no clan so no one carries you with BT. I believe besides the sealed raven mat (which only costs ~30 gold now), one empyrean stone (~220 gold) and the upgrade costs. There is nothing a new player need to buy. You can craft transformation stones using the mats you get from weekly. You can get raven soul from weekly too. Account bound mat are really easy to get (at least the amount a new player need all the way to raven 3), just do the dailies and weeklies. Feathers are easy to get as well. And yes this is not a quick process. You are not getting a raven 3 from nothing within a week. But I would say it takes at most a month or two so do this now before the event ends. The most difficult part must be the two BT accs because it requires you to actually clean BT as a new player. The good news is that NC nerfed BT to a very low level raid. I believe most people who can do weeklies are capable of doing BT. Sadly I cannot convince 11 friends to do a test using the limited gears with me but I believe it is possible for new players to clean at least boss 1-3. My suggestion is to either find a clan, or form a clan. Gathering some friends and play together, it is a MMO game after all. Believe or not, most friends of mine do the raid (VT/TT) just for fun, not for the gears or gold. The real problem is that many new players are afraid to do the hard dungeons and BT (even tho those are actually not hard). Some of them even do not try if there is no 1.2k player carrying them. And some of them rage quit after just one or two wipes. I think BnS may not be the right game for them. I forgot the gems. Pentagonal gems will do (~25 gold each). And you get a free hexagonal garnet anyway (in one month). And I forgot to mention the dailies are really easy now. The Fire Dragon is easy. The celestial daily is easy. New players need only one more.