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  1. Unable to login to game

    Today I keep trying to login to the game, and all I get after I enter my info, is a crash report. I have tried everything, everything in the forums, the file repair, and nothing works. I played all day yesterday just fine, yet today.... It wont even let me in the game. Any help from anybody else who this has happened to and got past this? Or will an NCSoft employee actually respond with help?
  2. Unable to login to game

    exactly, no error code, and 3 of my friends have the exact same problem...
  3. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    I have disabled my razor synapse programs, and also set to windows mode, and I still just crashed. I have spent more time in que then I have leveling my character which I have only gotten to level 9 at 5:45 pm PST, and yes I have premium membership. The longest I believe I had stayed logged in without a crash is probably 20 minutes. There has to be a solution, as nothing that is posted above has worked, and I played in all the CBT's and this never happened, and my computer is top notch, so it is not the PC.