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  1. When you queue up for one of the 4 blue main dungeons in moonwater plains there are times where bots would join and just tick you off. Well this solution requires the leader to cancel searching for party when a bot has join and kick the bot manually. After that continue the search for party members. However if the bot ends up the 6th member to join your party member theres not much you can do but leave and restart. At least it would make theses dungeons less stressful. Hopefully you spread this news to other players.
  2. I think one of the causes for the major long waiting queues was because they only created one server during the beta. This cause lots of people to join the same server because they hate change :/. When guild leaders make theses decisions (choosing the same server names) it brings more people along with it. The developers wanted to test the server limit and see if it can handle the amount of people creating chaos. Also keep in mind they said something like "the server can handle it" ( i don't remember the exact phrases so i'm sorry :/) during one of their live streams in the past so keep in mind people are still buying founder packs. I don't blame their action because of Aion past in Ncsoft. (massive queues) Was it a mistake for the developers to provide one server during the beta or have the same server on launch?? The only solution i can think is to change the server names before the three day head start so people would not stick to the same server name. That way it would balance each server out. But its probably too late who knows ^_^ Any thoughts on this?
  3. AC. Reaper you can contact support and ask them to transfer your character from another server so you wont have to remake all your characters(including items purchased) . Also when you mean " loseing everything now just soi dont have to queue . i assume your talking about progress in the game. I pretty sure you would progress more on server with no queues than waiting 3 hours+ on a progressed character.