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  1. Legends Reborn Event is Diabolical

    To give you guys an idea about how this game dead.
  2. LF BT raid (Jiwan, Soha, Dochun)

    820 sin and 750 BM knowing all meches contact "Yamino Fairy" in game please
  3. Hell ya! Awakened Heart Stab

    NC finally decides to give sins the correct awakened skill!
  4. LF BT raid

    Came from other servers, and have done BT a lot. Know all mech. 830 sin and 750BM
  5. The Hax R Back

    Why don't you guys BAN BAN BAN the hacks and bots or improve the program to avoid these instead of changing the game content? Just like the one you have changed, "have to reach level 10 to speak in faction chat". This made NOTHING to clear the environment of game. It just made NORMAL PLAYER more frustrating!
  6. [Remove]hongmoon pellet from clan crafting

    buy from one clan and leave the clan. ez
  7. Several of my friends and myself with their own clan are stuck on two kinds of recipes for the clan outfit. The "morning clam top recipe" and "morning clam bottom recipe". What I want to say is, why NC even releases the outfit design with the recipe that you are impossible to get in this patch. All other recipes that do drop in Cold Storage can be found in cash shop. Only these two. What's wrong with NC?!
  8. Other 8 servers are totally empty. You have made the choice of being sick of queuing, and now blaming the game.
  9. Stuck in a spot.

    You can use ESC> escape if you get sucked in game.
  10. whisper to others display error

    I still prefer the format of "To NAME: xxxxx".
  11. whisper to others display error

    When you try to whisper to others, you got the text in front of the target's name.