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  1. FPS

    alot of people having problem with the fps now dunno what they messup with every update but it get worse by each
  2. fun to know i bought 500day prem and wont be able to enjoy the game at all bec they run the maintance when i get home from work whole day wasted on looking at forum..
  3. Founder Pack Titles Gone.

    Bump to keep this alive we payed for this after all.
  4. EU Server Latency is a joke.

    the lag is just getting worse cant even combo stun ppl in faction pvp they simply just keep spamming even thought i have proc to grab lol.... EDIT: so clearly the stun affected them they simply lag so bad they wont get the stun effect...
  5. Founder Pack Titles Gone.

    you wont be able to equip something u dont have so if you take it off its gone
  6. Founder Pack Titles Gone.

    both me and my friend just noticed we no longer have access to our founderpack titles anyone else?
  7. Show off your characters!!

    well thats fun it keep changing the pic a few sec after i posted it random.
  8. CPU Freezes on BW and Ogres

    have similar issues where my client simply just die for a minute for no reason what so ever can happen at any given moment running on a nice steady 120fps didnt have any client freezing issue with the beta client what so ever
  9. Mainatainance extended!

    falling through a bridge on poh? sounds like your pc doesent load objects fast enough forcing you into falling git better pc
  10. Mainatainance extended!

    well guess i have time to spare.. where is my collection of consols and my sledge hammer
  11. Mainatainance extended!

    good chunk huh. what about the 60-80% of the EU playerbase that dont get to play at all today hmm?
  12. Mainatainance extended!

    Ninfu look Yuma is clearly playing on Mushin he has no reason to rage like us on EU.. but still fun to get home from work just to hit the maintance then not be able to play anything that day.. FML.
  13. Too many garbage alts in high level cross server raids

    i once joined the hog with my alt fm had 10k hp and 200atk everyone in the party shat on me but in the end i tanked and more or less solod it for them bec clearly ppl with 20-30k hp dont know anything lol? GIT GUD tbh if your party is *cricket* just freaking solo it with or without a party its not that hard EDIT: Lyn is Master Race GIT GUD!!!!
  14. Summoner in new patch

    Summoner is dead.... they killed us
  15. amfg Hax? HAX!!! BUG EXPLOIT!!..... not not to mention later on monsters will have true sight or w/e so stealth gets useless anyway so enjoy your time Sins your golden age will end ;D