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  1. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    No one cares about what class can do what, at low levels. This is about endgame max level class DPS. Levels, HM skills, and stat distribution, play a large part in class DPS, and level 36, when most classes don't even have their best abilities, is absolutely irrelevant to this discussion.
  2. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    People seem to be using who has aggro the most as a way to tell DPS. However, one of summoner's most damaging skills (nettles) doesn't create ANY aggro. A skill that hits for over 5k damage every second for 10 seconds. In all my testing and runs I've never seen any FM (same general gear ofc) do higher DPS than me. They have incredible burst damage and will top the charts for the first 10-15 sec of a fight and then drop down to second place. Haven't seen any class that does more than FM other than summoner, but FMs will have aggro anyway because not all summoner skills generate aggro. Also, remember summoners have a cat that puts out very decent damage. Just from the bleed stacks alone summons do a lot of sustained damage, not to mention their auto attacks, and how hard the hammer and missile can hit (both upwards of 10k for my pet). Just the fact that they made one of our hardest hitting skills not generate ANY aggro should give people a good idea of how much damage summoner does. I've no doubt that if nettles generated aggro, and if pet aggro was attributed to the summoner, only BMs and KFMs might have a chance at keeping aggro from them.
  3. About those extra stingers...

    Dunno about the drops from those three older dungeons, but that's Asura 4 man right there. As long as this place has drops like this, I'm happy, since that's where I'll be most of the time anyway.
  4. Remove weapons from Soulstone Plains

    This topic is a few pages in, and I'm seeing duplicate threads starting to pop up. I feel this is a simple request, that would do much to make many paying players feel better about continuing to play this game.
  5. Remove weapons from Soulstone Plains

    Not going to /signed anything since petitions are against the rules, but I'll say that I 100% agree that weapons need to be removed from Skypetal Plains. I'll be honest, and say when I first saw the weapons, I thought they were a nice idea. I'm a cerulean on Mushin and I actually feel sort of sorry for the crimson players there. They have absolutely no chance to do anything OW PvP-wise unless we allow them to. I thought the weapons would give, at least a few of them, a chance at getting some prestige from SPP while we farm everything. Then come the hackers and it's just ridiculous. This really can't go on. The only way people have to farm moonstones is being completely destroyed by these hackers, the weapons in their hands are just way too strong. If the hackers aren't going to get banned, which it appears they aren't, the best thing you could do RIGHT NOW is just remove those weapons until you guys decide to on a course of action for dealing with the hackers.
  6. Cold Storage - rant

    Ah, thanks then. That makes sense.
  7. Hackers and bots aren't the same. Hackers are real players breaking the game to do things that shouldn't be possible (speed hacks, invincibility, etc) and bots are just scripts that follow a set of instructions. The only hacking bots I've seen are in Arena. The others are just regular bots. Of the two, hackers bother me a lot more because they're usually (lol) smarter than bots and they do things that others can't do in game, making it very hard to combat them effectively. Even when you kill a speed hacker for instance, after rezzing, up they can be right back in your face just a few seconds later, and with full HP, carrying an ice bomb, machine gun, or grenade launcher in their hands.
  8. If I could kill blue bots, it would actually help a lot. There's a difference between the opposite faction coming to try and kill bots, and having ANYONE able to kill them. However, this could lead to griefing real players by, say, a clan reporting someone and then killing them constantly. NCSoft would just end up wasting time trying to find out who was actually botting (which they don't seem to care about already) and seeing who is just a person who pissed some people off.
  9. Teach you how to against the hacker

    Yeah, if you kill the NPCs they are gone for 10min. This is good except for the fact that you're having to waste time to do it in the first place. I actually spent hours the other day following the hackers from channel to channel and killing these NPCs. Then when they would come to turn in I'd kill a couple of them and escape so the prestige was lost or if that was on cooldown I would just run into the middle tent and let the NPCs kill me. It was fun for a while, but eventually they just left a couple speed hackers at the NPCs and then when I started attacking all of them would magically appear and usually kill me before I could finish the NPCs. I ended up getting a couple guild mates to help me kill the NPCs, but then we're not getting anything from doing this. There's no benefit, and it's a thankless job. People were calling us to channels with hackers on them so we could kill the NPCs and stall the hackers (because the hackers will stay on the channel until the NPCs come back) so that they could farm in peace on the other channels, but that didn't help US any. Would much rather we didn't have literal groups and clans of hackers running around SPP without any worry of getting banned.
  10. Cold Storage - rant

    Ignoring all the other stuff you said in your post, you can run it 2x a day. Not just once. Watch the part of the stream where he uses the reset token and you'll see the cooldown for the dungeon is 12hrs. That contradicts what is says on the news page, but it definitely wouldn't be the first time THAT was wrong...
  11. Upcoming Changes to Shattered Empire 4/27

    An upgrade that costs close to 600g for no real upgrade isn't a small thing to some people. The benefit is not worth the cost AT ALL and it's a huge problem for the people who upgraded based on the information they had until just an hour ago. If you wasted hundreds of gold you wouldn't just go "Oh, well at least I got 300 extra HP" you'd be pissed. Stop trying to downplay other people's feelings. They're justified.
  12. SSP Hackers

    Guys, I could care less about your textbook definition of the term "hacker". Please stop. There are literal GROUPS of crimson hackers on Mushin server teleporting around with grenade launchers killing people. They're going to every channel and killing everyone and killing our NPCs. This makes for a HORRIBLE gaming experience for legitimate players. I really, really don't understand why NCSoft can't have some of their employees just log into the game and see who's doing this and ban them. They wouldn't even have to look long. This is extremely demoralizing and makes me angry at not only the hackers, but the people who are failing to remove them or even acknowledge that they are a problem for your paying customers.
  13. Need to slow content patches or lower upgrade costs

    Okay...so do the party dailies, they give a lot more gold. But to the topic, I'd say the bigger issue is that not enough materials drop. Even though the upgrades aren't huge, I don't mind going for them. What I do mind is grinding for hours for materials and barely having anything to show for it. This makes me not even want to farm, because I don't feel my time invested is worth the "reward". Apparently they're addressing the low stinger drop rate. Hopefully, they increase the naryu tablet drop rate a bit as well. If they do that, then I'll feel a lot better about having to farm materials for not so great upgrades. Just make farming feel rewarding, so that people will want to keep at it, thus, not leaving the game entirely.
  14. Upcoming Changes to Shattered Empire 4/27

    The belt you're talking about didn't offer full resist, while the awakened scorpio does. If I had known they would be doing this I could've saved 5 naryu tablets (kinda rare for me), a lot of moonstones, and HUNDREDS of Frozen Stingers. I hope you can see why some people wold be upset by this change after the livestream yesterday.
  15. Upcoming Changes to Shattered Empire 4/27

    I understand wanting to make content more accessible, but it REALLY, REALLY sucks for those of us who were able to stay current with our gear. The only reason I even upgraded my belt at all was to get the Asura's Brand resist. Now it's available even on Awakened Oath. I feel like I wasted a lot of materials and gold, and it doesn't make me very happy.