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  1. Legitimately obtained outfits removed

    No I'm not going to even move a finger... I'm done with this game.
  2. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    Troving is getting awful everytime they add more and more trash items to it decreasing the rates for higher rewarding items. Back in the day there was 50 - 75 evolved stones crits now? u don't see those lol.
  3. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    what do you mean the game just works... Only people that actually are inteligent now what's wrong with it lel Not that people at failsoft actually care tho they now very well what they are doing...
  4. SS - farm prevent

    SSp is pvP content not pve
  5. this rng is such a$$holish thing to do though I'd prefer for it to cost X amount period because I have other stuff I need to do with my time. and the worst par is do "these" dungeons everyday then do these more to complete DC everyday cuz we just want you to waste ur time doing them... weeeeee At least just make all of them everyday part of the Daily challenge... geez the % from stage 6 to brilliant is actually 0% then we start getting the chance to get it even so I don't think the 10% or 9% ("randomly") - more rng is not actually "10%" chance of success is only a display of thar barfilling up not the "actual" chance* of getting it so is pretty much basic to assume there is no 100% soul garanteed plus it's even worse to see the stream and have they laugh at us I got it on second try.. pffffffffft sure and then see so many pple complaining and linking with 50% +/- of thar same bar already filled up not even talking about most of them being unable to complete DC + 3 event dungeons everyday on their chars... so like alaways the "event" like they call it is just more farm camuflated + u can end up with a useless soul.
  6. Disconnected from server

    OK I'v had enough of this BS trash servers I'm outta this game for good, fkin us over with WAY longer maintenance times over American servers then it's already 2 or 3 times this sh1t happens I'm tired of wasting my time pointlessly GL&hf I'm done for wont ever see a penny form me ever again.
  7. Release Gunner (or MAESTRO) to NA

    Like the game right now is very dull and idiotic honestly... I'd like to see those freakin patches starting to roll instead of bitching everyday about how boring the game is atm. And honestly all that talk a few months back of "oh we'r getting closer to the KR version" err no we are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind like years. And yeah kinda tired of the delays and bullshit that is all I have to say honestly. I wish internet would be better that I could have 1-5ms ping to korea so I could just say screw this i'm outta here...
  8. Thank you very much!!!!
  9. LvL 55 + Ultimate Skills

    Well 6 months have passed and we still don't have lvl 55... And I rly want those 2 axes OMG!!! OP!!! Does anyone have any idea when NCWest pretends to bring us this awsomeness?
  10. Want balance ?

    Oh pls sins honestl need a buff LOL! pfffffffffffffft ok seriously I come back to the game only to realise how broken it is now not even deserve the time invested lulz I recomend everyone not SIN BD WL STAY AWAY from arena YOU HAVE NO CHANCE <.< be warned!
  11. Just returned after a 4 months LOA

    Honestly go Play something else Destro is still full of bugs... In other Words Destroyer got "Destroyed"... seriouly go check ranks for destros... Or play another class.
  12. Grand Master Quick Combo Training 2 [Earth]

    Yeah me 2 what I don't get is my ping how is it even possible to have 120ms ping to an "european" server? I gave up seriously is insane. And no matter what I do my ping wont be better than 120ms pingzapper or WTFast wont make it better I'v tried every single combination I pinged the servers they say I have 27ms to them and ingame it still says 120ms at best every single time. I play other games and still none of them gives me this bad ping at all times.
  13. There IS no point playing Destroyer With 3 Ip's conected to client Being currently located in Austin TEXAS means HUGE LATENCY for EU players, And Destroyer is ALL ABOUT reaction timings... I can surely play it but enjoy it? *cricket* no it's impossible to play the class when you have this high ping latency loss packages etc... Just choose a class that forgives bad ping like all the other classes except KFM XD they also rely on good ping... :/ THOSE ARE the problems with the class because the other bugs Destro has you can actually manage them if you have enough experience with them :D Peace out!
  14. Let me help you Give up on playing Destroyer, simply because it's a waste of time and effort! Currently the bottom of the tier for both pve and pvp no point playing Destroyer Just save urself a pain load of hours like me mained destro since day 1 and I feel like shit now that other classe's get always something new and Destros with the same bugs as in release don't even bother reporting them the team does nothing to fix the problems that already exist with the class ad everytime penalize old players. And for everyone else if you enjoy Destroyer go ahead and keep playing and get frustrated to see LOwer geared little sh1ts out dps you easy... LOL and I'm not even starting with pvp. Which is pointless to even discuss...