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  1. That's what the teleport to front of instance scrolls are for lol. or you could always just open the map and port to an area for money if you don't wanna run.
  2. While having 2 spaces in names/guild names would be nice I don't see it happening. :( On a side note.. Here I am checking out random BnS topics to kill time and I've noticed every time I see Kounat reply to a comment some huge fight breaks out and then the next few pages get filled with idiots fighting over stupid crap that has nothing to do with the OP asked/started o.O I thought the forums were for general feedback and so on if you guys wanna go at it exchange emails or do it on a different site lol. Also I probably wont be replying to this until theymake it so I get emails when I get quoted and so on (I only check the forums when I can be bothered and rarely go back to old topics I've already read) EDIT: somehow my font changed color to black.. couldn't read properly lol
  3. #1 What is this sleep you speak of? does it taste good? also other versions of the game have some hair styles that NA didn't have in alpha (not sure about beta or launch yet we'll see) but if they don't get the same ones and I make a char appearance with a hairstyle not in NA ver. it wont load up and I don't remember what we did/didn't have lol. Your chars will get wiped for launch yes but you do know you can save the appearance of characters and instantly load them up in char creator (that's what most of us will be doing for launch they will save their appearance in beta so you can press a button and have your characters appearance ready when it launches :o no spending hours creating a char while everyone is leveling ahead of you lol
  4. What class? Australian #300+Ping :(

    Looks like everyone who played FM loves the class :o Guess I'll stick to FM for beta and see how they play at higher level. As for wtfast I guess I'll try it out if it has a free version.. and if that doesn't work out for me then I'll just suck it up and play with high ping lol. >.< If only Jin could be FM I don't like playing as male Gons they're too big xD guess I can roll a chibi or there's always the option to play as a female for... reasons *cough* Jiggle effects *cough* lol. Anyways thanks to everyone who replied I appreciate your feedback. :)
  5. So I don't actually know how to check my ping to wherever the server is located but from what other Aussie players living in QLD (same as me) told me they all had around 300 ping. I tried Blade Dancer and Destroyer in Tech Alpha 2 got them to around 20 Lets just say it's not fun being melee with high ping lol. Everyone I asked basically said don't bother playing Destroyer/Blade Dancer unless you have 200 ping or less (I hit so much slower, timing knockdown/stuns is harder) Don't even get me started on KFM/BM/Sin lol #Unplayable. So with what little time I had left before the server went down I got both FM & Summoner to level 12.. can't really decide between them at such a low level so my question is: FM/Summoner what do you guys like better and why? (on a side note anyone know of a free ping booster? I'd google one myself but probably end up downloading a virus lol)
  6. Downloading the entire game again just to use character creation 10days earlier than beta? I'll pass T_T maybe if I had faster internet I wouldn't think twice about it but well what can I say.. Australia sucks lol >.<
  7. Okay so I like to make alts and I also change most of my keybinds (for combat skills UI functions pretty much everything) I use those same keybinds for all games and I can't play without them now >.< but every time I make a new character I have to set every single one of those keybinds again >.> it gets annoying fast. So I was thinking you could make it like how WoW has it change keybindings on one char and it sets them for all (or have an option for character specific keybinds) also I use a razer naga and it wouldn't let me keybind button 4 and 5. If not is there a file I can edit to change default keybindings? or is that like against the rules and will get me banned? Sorry if people have said this already but I can't find a search bar for the forums anywhere and am too lazy to look.
  8. The bidding system

    I love it.. it's better than need/greed cause you know people always roll on items then don't need just to vendor or whatnot but with this why would you bother wasting money on items you don't need (specially since they sell for so little to vendors) + As stated above.. it's not like you get nothing you're getting money. If you still can't stand the idea of not getting your loot play with friends that way you can figure out who gets what (if you're good enough you can solo or 2man some of these 6man dungeons people livestream and have youtube videos of it)
  9. 220-250ms Australia needs a server!

    I highly doubt there will ever be high enough Oceanic player base to warrant our own server. It would lose them too much money so I'm guessing we won't be getting one but that's nothing new :/ most mmo's I've played other than wow didn't have Oceanic servers and I've had 200+ ping but I still did endgame content and pvp I'll just never be as good as someone with 20 ping is all. (I used to play the CN and then the JP version of the game without ping boosters cause I'm too cheap to pay for them so I'm not just talking out of my ass) Also don't get the wrong idea I'm not against a server for us I just doubt we will ever see one.
  10. Alpha Test NCoins missing

    They should at least give us one NC coin to buy premium.. don't they want more people to test it out and give feedback? besides not everyone can afford Discipline/Masters pack.. (specially when it's $103 and $171 for us Aussies) T_T #InitiatePack4Lyf lol (Personally I'll probably buy 1 month of Premium at launch just for little bit more xp to get max level faster and free some bank space.)
  11. then stop playing and don't play the beta cause it's gonna be wiped so for launch lol otherwise be prepared to do it all again. (at least you'll already know what to do and where to go so it'll be much faster and you'll have gotten used to combat and your class)
  12. Cannot expand inventory

    Screenshot it you can buy the first few tabs with money but the ones after that require the dragon trade pouches as stated above (you can get them from the store and the daily wheel spin thing.. possible more ways but idk)

    Hell no bags/bank get full fast enough on a single character lol you want shared bank just so you don't have to mail a costume to an alt? -.-
  14. I'd just like to point out that I have to do the copy/paste my login info every time I open Blade & Soul otherwise it just closes the launcher like before.. but at least I can get in game. I just hope it'll be fixed by launch lol opening notepad or w/e to copy/paste my password gets annoying