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  1. Were you guys able to fix the problem? I am still waiting for a response
  2. which pack did you get? and did you upgrade packs?
  3. we re having a different problem then you we upgraded packs and applied the code but, it still won't work for us
  4. Oh you have the easy problem I wish I had that, go to your account on NCsoft look for apply a code click on it and you should see one there under Blade and soul click on blade and soul then click apply and the code should then be applied to allow you to play
  5. Hey everyone they sent me this message and hopefully it will be fixed soon
  6. Thank you to whoever this is and it is fine we are all just wanting to play and we have waited an entire day to play,please try and fix it soon
  7. Failed to connect to server? go here this is thread where we are all getting the same problem
  8. Failed to connect to server?

    Comet did you upgrade your packs before CBT started or anytime before hand? if so there is a lot of us with the same problem getting that same message
  9. nice sincerely and ya there is a lot of us out there trying to play
  10. Please just fix this problem it shouldn't be that hard to fix as there is a lot of us having this problem you might think there is only a few of us but, still please I would just like to play the game on my alpha characters thank you
  11. Please fix this because I would really like to play today and get in game with all my friends today as I have spent so much time and effort trying to get this to work along with everyone else who have the same problem
  12. LOL I think I have pretty much tried everything :(
  13. Founders Pack I have but

    and all of those screens you posted are exactly like mine