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  1. Costs reduced for GC 1-6 but nothing for Aransu 3-9. Mind explaining the logic behind that?
  2. Yet another event requiring DC's

    + most of the time DC takes less than 10 mins if you choose to clear low level content (Basin, ToI, Floor 20, Avalanche Den, Lair...), not sure why you're complaining here. Also the rewards look far better than the last two garbage events we had.
  3. All the issues mentioned below have been rampant for over a year. I'm getting tired of NCSoft not listening to complaints players have been submitting for months (years?) with no proper response, so here goes. Your events are trash. Period. Blade & Ghoul and Golden Harvest Festival were especially bad, they felt more like a hassle than anything and did not feel rewarding in the least. Events are supposed to be fun, enjoyable, and much more rewarding because heh, they're called events for a reason. Too many Sacred Vials are required for end-game gear. Like 250+ Vials accross all accessories. Ths is insane and debilitating. It's impossible to evolve a soul for multiple characters since your main one already requires all of them. Can we farm Evolved Stones efficiently? No, we cannot. The sources are extremely scarce and there's literally no way for a F2P to gather enough Vials for max soul in a lifetime. Lower the amount of Vials needed for evolutions or provide more ways to farm Evo Stones and Demon Spirit Stones. Too many Moonstones are required for everything. Yes, they are more easily obtainable now via PvP boxes, but I don't want to be forced to play PvP to gather 10000+ moonstones needed to improve all my accessories. Increase their amount in dungeons boxes rewards, instead of Naryu Coins for instance since they are completely useless. Why did you remove Elder Dragon Strongboxes from dungeons? Not only do they allow to inject more gold into the economy, they also were an additional incentive to run dungeons multiple times. Put them back in the game, along with the 10-100-1000 gold rewards from daily challenge chest. I know this will fall into deaf ears as usual, but enough is enough. I don't want to see BnS fall down the drain because of poor decisions.
  4. Not just soul, heart and accs breakthrough, now even the new Soul Badge needs 3 freaking oils per stage. While nothing is done to provide reliable ways to farm Evo Stones. This insanity needs to stop.
  5. No cost reduction on Aransu 6-9. Is this an out of season, April fools joke?
  6. So I stumbled upon the patch notes regarding the GHF coming next week, to my great surprise it's filled with poor decisions and design choices, which is kinda sad as this event was one of the most well-received by the community by a long shot. Here's some guidance as to why it's utterly garbage compared to the 2017 version: - Doubled amount of materials needed per box - Introduction of event tokens needed for transmutation, for which you need to clear Outlaw Island and Circle of Sundering, which is SUPER anti alt-friendly ==> This is the most stupid change, it needs to be removed immediately. - Limited to 3 boxes per char - No sealed oil for wheel prize? Pretty sure I'm missing a few more aspects but as it stands it's shaping up to be complete garbage, unlike last year's festival which was super rewarding and alt-friendly. So yeah, why do you have to ruin everything with your poor decisions, NCSoft?
  7. Focused Feedback:Harvest Tables boxes

    That's precisely why you should sell off the mats instead of crafting the boxes, because their content is nothing but utter trash, worthlessness and disappointment.
  8. Still no GM reaction on how obviously rigged the drop rates are? When is the next good event due?
  9. So I've opened 6 Harvest Feast - Elder's table with nothing but pure trash inside. 1 Legendary Element, 4 Sacred Crystals bundles and 1 Silver Scale fragment aside from the guaranteed Hearty Party Favor. The items I get are not even close to covering the craft/transmutation costs. So far this is an event where I'm losing time, resources and gold. Why are the rewards so garbage? Anyone else with horrible luck?
  10. 3 more Elder boxes, 3x Sacred Crystals bundles. Enough of this bs. The drop rates are so abysmal compared to last year's event it's not even funny anymore.
  11. Same experience here. Out of 9 elder boxes I got nothing but garbage rewards such as scales and bravery coin, nothing else. Not even a single additional item, always the guaranteed Hearty Party + 1 trash item. Not even a Thanksgiving ticket or anything, just rubbish items that don't cover the transmutation costs. Last year I always looted something valuable from each box. It's obvious that the drop rates are rigged and that NCSoft does not give a flying f about its community.
  12. New Sacred Oil mats req.

    This hardly changes anything, just a little more moonstone crystals (as if we didn't already need a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ton of them) and 2 more ely crystals. However Demon spirit stone is still required yet no longer exists as a drop in the game. Why, NCSoft?
  13. Tomorrow event full patch notes?

    They're even getting late on delivering patch notes, it speaks volumes on how little they care about the community. Not a single word from staff members since that half-assed event preview on Twitch, nothing. Top notch management.
  14. Worth Playing / Trying?

    Yes, it is worth playing if you do not take it too seriously. It's a great game, unfortunately plagued by a terrible management team and mostly a toxic community.
  15. Title. The HP boost didn't change a thing, all bosses die in 4 seconds and there's literally no way to pick any loot unless you're a full-fledged whale. Make a new, proper and rewarding event, not something that smells like dirt like this. Oh and fix Gunner F2 while you're at it, it's still broken.
  16. Man the Golden Harvest preview on Twitch was hilarious. They flat-out ignored the whole chat who kept hammering that the changes they provided were totally trash, yet had the audacity to state that they are "watching and listening to feedback".
  17. Same here, have to admit this is the very first time I'm skipping an "event" in BnS, it speaks volumes on how trash and unenticing it is. The one we should get on December better be 100 times more fun and rewarding.
  18. Delaying a garbage and poorly received update was a smart move, good job for once. What do the QoL changes include? Gold income increase from dungeons? Costs reductions from Aransu 3-9 (mainly HQ hearts which are stupidly overpriced)? More ways to get Evolved stones and Demon Spirit stones? Enticing, fun and rewarding events unalike the absolute trash event we are experiencing right now? Please shed some light.
  19. While the QoL changes are welcome, it's still a poorly thought-out and unrewarding event. The very definition of an event is that it's not supposed to happen often, it should be fun and enjoyable. This event is not. It's trash, period. I hope the next one (Christmas?) will be more fun, and much more rewarding.
  20. Exactly. As a pure PvE player I don't give a rat's bottom about battleground keys. Give us mats or more gold instead.
  21. Silver Scale add drop to Yeoharan

    They also should remove Silver Scale requirements from Obugo leg accessories, 300G + TEN scales for each upgrade item is preposterous and completely dumb. More unneeded progression wall.
  22. Why do we need BOTH event tokens per exchange? Who thought this would be a good idea? Why do all events on BnS have to be a gigantic pain in the rectum? Can't you do a fast, easy and enjoyable event with good rewards for once? Jesus this is unbelievable.
  23. I purchased 20€ worth of NCoin earlier today and they never showed up. There's no sign of transaction in the purchase history, I didn't get any confirmation email, I didn't get any NCoin, I don't know if my cc got charged or not, I know nothing. What the hell is this? Where is my money/NCoin? Not the first time it occurred to me.
  24. @Cyan Where are the gold income changes you talked about on June 14, stating that you would be announcing something the week after? It's been a freaking month. Where are the changes?