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  1. Moonstone Crystals are also a problem because you need tens of thousands for them for pretty much any piece of gear. Crystals + raw crystals are way too scarce, they need to increase the supply drastically. Fishing would be a good option. But NCWest doesn't give a damn about our suggestions.
  2. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Where are the rewards for last weekend's event? I got nothing post maintenance.
  3. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Category 2 rewards are now completely useless. Thanks NCSoft! You're truly the best at ruining everything you touch.
  4. Weapon "reductions"

    So what's NCSoft's plan for addressing this disaster? Everyone at GC3 is stuck forever because of the TS bottleneck. What are you going to do about it @Cyan ?
  5. Weapon "reductions"

    For real, I've been playing online games for 20 years now and this is the first time I've seen a publisher sh*t on its playerbase to such an extent. When players are afraid of new patchs, you know something is rotten to the core. NCSoft you can not tease a patch with significant "costs reduction for all upgrades up to Thornbreaker Stage 3" and pull up stupid crap like that. This is flat-out unacceptable. I'm cancelling my premium sub once again until you fix this situation, and so should everybody else.
  6. Weapon "reductions"

    So you're saying it was intended to double the upgrade prices for GC3-9 for absolutely no reason. Are NCSoft out of their mind?
  7. Weapon "reductions"

    It's been 48h since the patch went live and there hasn't been a single life sign from NCSoft ever since. What the hell is wrong with this company? @Cyan @Hime Explain yourself. Why did you lie to all the playerbase about costs reduction on GC3-9?
  8. Weapon "reductions"

    For real, zero communication from NCSoft since this second major screw-up in a month. It's like they're hiding in their burrow waiting for the storm to pass by. That's not going to happen, NCSoft. You owe your playerbase a serious explanation about this sh*t.
  9. Sorry but who ever came up with....

    This game is aimed at hardcore whales. Why are you surprised?
  10. Blade & Ghoul: Patch Notes & Overview

    @Cyan @Hime Some communication and clarification following this massive f*ck-up would be appreciated. You cannot afford to provide false information and expect the playerbase to be ok with it. You lied about the costs reduction changes, now it's time to explain yourself.
  11. Cost Reduction Sheet

    lmfao @ the ninja-edit, unbelievable. That's to be expected from a company that doesn't even play its own game tho.
  12. Cost Reduction Sheet

    @Cyan What the hell is the meaning of this? This better be a freaking joke and you guys will do an emergency to fix this sh*t.
  13. Weapon "reductions"

    1 more PTS and twice the amount of required materials. Clearly there is something wrong here.
  14. Blade & Ghoul: Patch Notes & Overview

    GC9 to TB3 must be a typo because the price doubled with those so-called "costs reductions". What the hell, NCSoft?
  15. Blade & Ghoul Rises Again on October 16

    Why is this garbage event dungeon coming back? Why are you at NCSoft so lazy to the point you keep recycling the same trash events over and over again? Even the rewards are completely garbage. Keep your trash event for yourself, thx.
  16. Sunburst

    you're not using 3-piece PVP set, that's why.
  17. Events in this game are never-ending. As soon as an event ends, another one takes over immediately afterwards. They are poorly designed, recycled over the years (ToM and Yeti dungeon being prime examples) and unrewarding, bust most importantly they feel like doing chores instead of being fun. Double event currency makes it even worse. My point: You should do like 4 events a year, and make them super rewarding. Not only will this bring back a lot more players because they'll be excited to play said events, but that's what an event is supposed to be in the first place: scarce, fun, and gratifying. Like provide tons of materials as we need, for instance, thousands of moonstone crystals for pretty much everything. And elusive items and outfits. Not the usual recycled garbage we're currently getting.
  18. I want Wipeout back. Missed it 2 months ago, yikes.
  19. While reducing the max quests to 6 is nice and all, where are the Solo dungeons? Put back Outlaw Island, ToI and Basin at least.
  20. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Now watch the NCSoft liars go silent for a couple days/weeks in hopes that the community's backfire dies down. Well that's not gonna happen, cancelling my premium sub as we speak and so should everybody else. Do not throw money at this greedy-ass company.
  21. You obviously lied on your Patch notes about Easy mode having reduced HP and difficulty compared to Normal Mode, the pinned topic on this subject speaks for itself. You clearly have no idea what you're doing with your own game, not to mention you try to cover up your mishaps and miscommunication on the matter by telling even more lies (eAsY mOdE hAs nOtHiNg tO dO WiTh bEgInNeR mOde, then guess what, Beginner mode IS Easy mode). Considering this dramatic turn of events, I suggest you get rid off this Easy Mode disaster altogether and put back Normal mode with the same gold rewards we had pre-patch. Because the old Normal mode IS the stepping stone for Hard mode, not this half-assed Easy mode which is harder than normal for half the rewards. I suggest you apply this change, and quickly.
  22. Can confirm, this "maintenance" did nothing. Is this game run by brainless monkeys?
  23. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    AHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAH Are you FREAKING kidding us??? This is blatant fraud, deliberate and obvious lies, and a way to tell everyone in this game that you don't give a SH*T about this community. Instead of apologizing for your utter GARBAGE communication this is what you come up with?? gAmE iS eAsIeR sO wE neRf gOlD LuL. LIARS.
  24. It's been a week since this utter trash patch was deployed. Where are the promised changes? Where is the proper easy mode? When are you putting back solo dungeons into dailies? When are you going to do proper events with substantial rewards, as all events should be? Give us some freaking answers, enough of your silence.
  25. NCWest doesn't play their own game so they have no idea what they're doing. At this point even True Cosmic Soul and True Hongmoon Heart should be given away for free via events considering how outdated they are. The last decent event was when they gave away the Awakened Hongmoon Soul for free almost a year ago. Every single event ever since has been utterly garbage, with double event currency that nobody wants and ugly af costumes.