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  1. Useless for late stage upgrades, maybe. But when you're a pleb like me, you want to get your Heart to at least Champion 1 to benefit from Mystic boosts, which is now even harder to achieve due to NCSoft' stupid moves. The demand for TS and PTS keeps increasing while the supply stays the same, it's only logic that market prices skyrocket like they did yesterday. Grand Celestial Fiasco ==> You now need billions of TS for each upgrade while the supply is still the same. Heart Fiasco ==> You now need TS for very early stages and PTS for middle stages, the demand is increased and the supply remains the same. Even an ape with basic economics knowledge would figure that out. I only see 2 short-term solutions to fix this: Make TS craftable with untradable materials Make PTS craft 100% guaranteed. Upgrades should not be gated behind RNG to begin with. This is NA/EU, not KR.
  2. This is the only game I have ever played where obsolete items become more expensive over time. Are you out of your goddam.n mind NCSoft? Remove those PTS from Awakened stages immediately. 4 PTS for True Virtuous, who the hell are you kidding? It's like 3 times more expensive than right now.
  3. For real? I couldn't find it anywere, was it a spend-x-keys-to-win-outfit?
  4. I want Wayfarer, Wipeout and Home Run (white version which we never got, idk if it's KR exclusive) back:
  5. Blade & Soul: Will of Iron Arrives December 11

    inb4 Heart reduction is actually cost "rebalance" and end up being 2x more expensive.
  6. Sound Bug!!

    I've had the exact same issue for weeks now. Support provided zero help. Please provide a permanent fix, this is unbelievably annoying.
  7. No sound in-game

    I have the latest Realtek Audio drivers. I have no sound 75% each time I start the game, which is a waste of 5 minutes every time given how long it takes to load. This is excessively annoying. What the hell is wrong with your game? Please provide a permanent fix.
  8. No sound in-game

    50% of the time I start the client, I end up having no sound at all ingame. This is massively annoying as it often requires multiple client relaunch to have sound. Checked my options when this is happens, there is no output device found, which is absurd because it's untrue. My Realtek drivers are up to date, BnS is the only game in which I have this issue. Any permanent fix?
  9. Hongmoon Gem Powder

    Same date as GC 3-9 cost reductions: Never.
  10. RNG on top of merch purchases. nice.
  11. Hong bracelet was always 5 emblems. not even comparable to the gruesome farm for Alpha fragments.
  12. Delete Mao mechanics

    Farming boss 1-2 is faster anyway and they take 20-45 secs each with mid-gear.
  13. So if I breakdown this "patch", we've got: a P2W event aka Trove 2.0 a common event with lame-ass, outdated rewards (Fallen SS for real?) Psyches that are impossible to get a new achievement that grants an outstanding, mind-blowing 1 Skill Enhancement point We truly can't have nice things in this game, can we. Anything and everything feels like a chore. Nothing feels rewarding, absolutely nothing.
  14. inb4 it's actually 1.6 billion. By the way where are the full patch notes?
  15. Exactly. This "crafting change" will not fix sh*t. It's still 2x more expensive than pre-Oct16. I'm truly flabbergasted by how stingy this company is. Every piece of equipment costs an absolute fortune to enhance yet the amount of farmable source materials gets nerfed into oblivion. Enough with those braindead and half-assed "adjustements", we need HUGE costs reductions for EVERYTHING.
  16. More stupid decisions that will make even more players leave this already dead game. Transformation Stones do not need crafting cost reductions. We need to be able to craft them with untradable materials, aka Moonstone Crystals, Elysian Crystals, etc. Where are the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ costs reductions for Grand Celestial 3-9? Do you want us to be stuck at Aransu 9 forever? Even more TS needed now for Talisman upgrades. Unbelievable.
  17. An event for Talisman upgrades is a trash event no matter what. Again, the rewards for event currency are always the same. You need to stop with VT materials and SS, NCWest. It's old and dead content. Put TT accs or SS at least, this is almost 2020. Enough of this nonsense.
  18. Now that's a whole new level of brainless white-knighting. Cause players are the ones who decided that GC 3-9 should cost 500 Transfo stones, right?
  19. It's been almost 2 hours since the server went down and the communiation from NCSoft is non-existent, it's like they're not even trying anymore. How long is this joke gonna last?
  20. Mao's Gloves

    The grind for Mao Gloves and Alpha Fragments is gruesome and completely pointless given how low the rates are. It's absolutely ridiculous. Mao Gloves' rate needs to be upped by at least 10% and Alpha frags must be guaranteed drops from all 3 bosses. Getting sick of this bs and meaningless grind.
  21. A Quick Update From Nico

    UE4 better come really early in 2020 because there's no way in hell this game will survive another year with so few players left and so many failed patchs in a row.
  22. A Quick Update From Nico

    Great. We went from "Spring 2020 release" for UE4 to just "2020", doesn't bode well. Also, what are you gonna do about your last 3 patchs failures? Where are the cost reductions for Grand Celestial 3-9 weapons? Where is the proper Easy mode with reduced HP as stated by your patch notes?
  23. I'm making a specific topic to address this major problem because it seems that NCSoft hopes that we forget about their communication fiasco 2 weeks ago. As a reminder, NCSoft deliberately doubled the upgrade costs for GC 3-9 for no reason whatsoever, invoking "erroneous internal information" along with some other dubious shenanigans, also stating that there was "no plans on adjusting the costs for now". Fact is, 99% of F2P players are hindered in their upgrade progression because of the astronomical material costs for said upgrades, coupled with the fact that Transformation Stones are even more expensive to craft than before given that you cannot use untradable materials to craft them. This situation is clearly unacceptable and must be addressed ASAP. What are you going to do about this, NCSoft?
  24. Speed run rewards crazy wrong?

    Last week actually felt rewarding even though the amount we got was not intended. This week's rewards are utter garbage. Not even a single Moonstone Crystal for tier 2 rewards, are you even trying NCWest ?