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  1. Where is Producer's letter?

    So like, can the producer for NCWest do his job already? Or do we have to rely on BnS RU to get all of the information?
  2. next event vial price?? :D

    For Christ's sake, why are all the events in this game so effing GARBAGE. Why the HELL does the producer let things like that happen? This is even more miserable than the event we currently have. Not even 1 oil per char PER WEEK. Freaking hell
  3. Not like you need any of those at max stage to clear the content we currently have anyway.. But the part where KR devs stated that they want to boost whales to motivate lower geared people is laughable at best, and also freaking sad. Just how out of touch can you be with your community and behave like such greedy scumbags? This game is doomed.
  4. February Store Update

    Where is Hunter Refuge update instead? o wait, KR devs said they don't give a damn.
  5. Where is Producer's letter?

    Just follow BnS RU posts and updates. at least they're getting in touch with their community (e.g. addressing Hunter Refuge issues, communicating about FM 3rd spec, etc). NA/EU is a lost cause, I have never seen garbage communication skills of such magnitude in any other game
  6. I press shift+F3 and nothing happens. The key is correctly assigned in Options. My keyboard is working fine. Help?
  7. I'm HM19, I could use simple mode in the past now it just won't trigger at all no matter where I'm at.
  8. Hunter's Refuge event need a change!

    Well it's tuesday evening and we haven't had a shred of communication from NCSoft on any potential change for the event, proof that they don't listen to anything we say and don't give a sh*t about our opinions on this garbage event.
  9. NC didn't ruined this event. We did

    We did not ruin anything since 95% of us cannot even participate in this event. NCSoft did a miserable job at designing this event and that's all there is to it.
  10. Hunter refuge gameplay

    Best event ever.
  11. disable hunter refuge

    You know an event is garbage when you can't even participate. Been trying to enter Hunter Refuge since last wednesday with no success. @Cyan you guys need to address this ASAP. What the hell is the point in making an event if 90% of the playerbase cannot take part in it? Add more channels.
  12. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get inside. Increase the limit to 10k players or something, an event is meant to be enjoyed not gated behind stupid limitations.
  13. Tried to enter Hunter Refuge 0.01 second after the icon spawned, impossible to enter. This is the worst event of all times, for real.
  14. Cancel this event at once @Cyan, this is absolutely ridiculous.
  15. This is what happens when you're incompetent and utterly failing at designing events. It should be removed ASAP before economy is ruined forever.
  16. Revert Trial Arena AI

    That and also revert the rewards. They ninja-nerfed rewards and removed tradable materials such as Moonstones and Elysian Orbs, making the sources for said materials even more scarce to force F2P players into buying transfo stones from F10. 1 step forward, 3 steps back. This company is so freaking dumb it's appaling.
  17. Stream VS Patch notes

    What the hell is the meaning of this @Cyan ? This is nearly 300g worth of material for each attempt with a 66% chance of failure. 1000g and you're not even guaranteed to get it. Revert it back to 5 materials each at once, there's still time don't you dare pull this monkey move on your playerbase.
  18. BnS really is thrown into disarray ever since Jonathan Lien left. It's like no one up there has a clue on how this game works. It's absolutely mind-blowing that no official statement whatsoever was issued by NCWest at this point. What the hell is this company doing?
  19. Last time we heard about a producer letter was over 2 months ago and NCSoft went submarine mode ever since. Anniversary event is nearing and there's zero information about it. Game is pretty much dead (empty F8), economy is ruined and communication from NCSoft till this day is non-existent. Hello? Is there anyone left in the office or what?
  20. Unbinds available.

    Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Unbinds available. Seriously remove it, it's annoying AF.
  21. PTS and Oils already skyrocketed in prices to nearly 600g. Current event provides large amounts of Vials, which is now virtually useless since you need PTS to upgrade stages that are nearly 2 years old. It's almost a 1000g increase per stage until True Virtuous. This is unacceptable and should not be allowed to go live. Enough of taking your players for complete fools, NCSoft. Remove the PTS for awakened stages upgrades.
  22. What's a decent dps nowdays?

    Any dps above 1M is enough to clear any current content. But you're just looking for attention so yeah.
  23. None of your suggestions will be considered because: 1. They don't care about players' feedback 2. They will put scales in F10
  24. Everything wrong with upcoming patch

    Awesome, we have officially gone full KR. I barely reached Awakened Tiger after almost 4 years, now you can just swipe and get it with zero effort. What's next, RNG weapon upgrades ?
  25. When they removed PTS from Grand Celestial upgrades, their philosophy was to alleviate RNG for the upgrade process. Now, they're pulling this stupid crap by reintroducing RNG into the Heart upgrade process, which doesn't make any sense at all. Also, PTS needs TS and RNG to craft. TS needs moonstones to craft. Moonstones are obtainable either by PvP or by swiping (I don't count PvE as it's not reliable). They're basically forcing the players into one of those 2 options. What do you think will happen when the new player finds out that he requires half a hundred PTS for a measly upgrade? He will quit, plain and simple. I want to hear an official word from NCSoft on this matter, and I sure hope that those PTS numbers from the sheet are a typo.