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  1. Two very different games. BDO is all about graphics. Gameplay is clunky as hell and the game being sandbox makes the PvE content laughable. BnS has it all, nice graphics, dynamic gameplay and tons of pve/pvp content to keep me entertained for a while. BDO bored the hell out of me after 1 hour.
  2. BDO may be visually far more impressive, it doesn't hold a candle to BnS in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and overall content. Based on the few hours I spent on the beta, the gameplay in BDO feels slow and clunky as hell, which is an instant no-go for me since I've been playing Dragon Nest/PSO2/Tera for years, some of the games that imo provide the best dynamic gameplay out there. It has close to zero content and absolutely no sense of immersion whatsoever. It just has great graphics and character customization going for it, and those are not what makes a game's foundation steady. Everything else feels lackluster so in the mid/long term, it's pretty obvious that BnS will have the upper hand.
  3. Wings in Blade & Soul

    Sounds like fair prices considering all other mmos with cosmetic wings have them in cash shop RNG boxes with roughly 0.0001% chance to drop (*cough* Dragon Nest *cough) so you pretty much ended up spending 100€+ for crap items.
  4. [

    C'est toi qui as nommé tous les serveurs européens ou juste ceux pour les français? Pour info -même si tu dois certainement être déjà au courant-, les noms européens sont très loin de faire l'unanimité au sein du reste de la communauté (https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/forums/index.php?/topic/145260-petition-please-change-eu-server-names/). Quand tu dis aussi que c'est plus pertinent d'avoir choisi les noms des boss du Big 4 au lieu de PNJ noname, ça me fait un peu marrer sachant que les noms des 6 premiers serveurs européens sont des zones noname dont tout le monde se fout... Est-ce qu'il y a un espoir de voir quelques changements de noms avant le launch officiel?
  5. Most people would be happy if you renamed "Ebon Hall" into "Soha" and used single-worded names for the other servers. At least, we'd know that most CBT players would go back to Soha instead of spreading out, 12 servers sounds overkill.
  6. Whatever server comes first in the list ingame will be the most popular one, there's no telling how the names will be sorted out.
  7. In my opinion, the names you suggest are even worse than the ones B&S team came up with. Though, I have to admit that some EU names could be shorter just for pronunciation sake, but crying a river over some silly names and thinking they are trying to make fun of european players? Please, get over yourself.
  8. Game becomes unresponsive

    Same here, all of sudden the game did not respond to any keyboard input and the only working option left was to esc + quit the game. Upon restarting, I was stuck at the splash screen. A file repair solved the problem, but all in all this is a critical issue that needs to be fixed ASAP.
  9. mindblow new xmas outfits...

    Those look awesome. Please make them buyable at launch.
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, daily quests in Cinderland's area used to reward a Cinderland Valor Stone upon completion. Now the stones are nowhere to be found. Are my eyes deceiving me or are they plain missing?
  11. Also, why did you remove the female swimwear? I bought NC coins just to get it, now it's gone :/ A heads-up would've been helpful, can you at least not make costumes timed during CBTs so we can try more than 1?
  12. Agreed, there's no point being in combat stance when there's nothing aggroing you. That 20+ secs delay is annoying as hell.
  13. Hello, I am very surprised to notice that mobs/plants/etc involved in killing or gathering quests do not have some sort of "quest indicator" displayed next to their names, just like in Tera for instance. It makes questing much more intuitive as I do not have to open my quest log every now and then to check out if I'm targeting the correct mob or not. Or maybe is it a hidden option? I mean, almost every MMO in the last 10 years has had this very basic function, why not BnS? :mellow: