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  1. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    Current purple train => 104g Purple train post-patch => 40g That's a 61% gold reduction. Not even enough for new players to fish for materials. Raids will become the new and only source of income. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that over half of the remaining playerbase will disappear after this patch. Absolute shame on you, NCWest. This is the worst demonstration of mismanagement I have ever witnessed in over 20 years of online gaming.
  2. Please reconsider the upcoming F8 gold nerfs

    I quit months ago but as usual NC$oft is at it with their typical stupid gold nerfs that drive the few players left away from this game. Shame on you NCWest for not standing up against your korean HQ superiors who force those trash changes that nobody wants onto NA/EU. This game deserves to die already. People, stop wasting your hard-earned money on Trove and come over on PSO2, you will not be treated like dirt over there.
  3. Armory chest(s) - missing stuff!

    Working as intended as always. Forget your free 120 jewels, enjoy 10 instead!
  4. Armory Chest Legendary Jewels

    And what stops you from adding a 120-pack of Legendary Jewels in F10, exactly? Is your Head Of NA/EU korean dude that speaks zero english behind this decision? For over a year you have screwed over your playerbase with false patch notes and constant misinformation. This game has become a meme.
  5. Cool thanks. BnS RU gave 14 days tho.
  6. New event

    Mao material can also be purchased from Dragon Express, they just changed that. The only annoying ones are from PvP and fishing, but it's only like 7 wins. So in the end it's not that bad.
  7. Remove PvP from the new auto-hunting zone because it doesn't make any sense. Remove Mao/TT/ET Remnants as mats for Box Stage 9/11/12 because if you're able to clear TT/ET it already means that your gear is better than the box's rewards, which doesn't make any sense either. It's an "event", not a chore. Make it accessible and rewarding for all alts.
  8. Outfits in f10

    Again, more costumes in F10's todays specials that nobody asked for. It's pointless to give them requests or feedback. They don't give a crap.
  9. Questions: 1. The whole community complained for weeks that Hunter Refuge was total garbage, and yet with this event you're doing Hunter Refuge v2. Why? What is the player limit in the zone? 2. Why is Den of the Ancients Remnant a requirement for Armory Chest Stage 9 and why is it not added in the Dragon Express, like TT and ET remnants? Den of the Ancients is way too difficult for low-geared alts, and you ask for 2 tokens. This is completely dumb. Everybody will be stuck at Stage 8 and that's it. Change it to Hong dungeon instead. Or add Den of the Ancients Remnant in the Dragon Express so it is buyable with Call to Arms tokens.
  10. Outfits in f10

    @PhoenixMitra Look, we get it that you do not listen to our feedback when it comes to improving the game. The last Dev Q&A made it crystal clear. You don't care. But the very least you could do is listening to our requests when we ask for costumes to be added in F10. I mean, is it so FREAKING hard to READ what people want? Today you added Midnight action hero, Varisty and Kozane in F10. NO ONE requested those ugly af costumes. Not a single soul wants to wear such an abomination. Can't you do ANYTHING right, NCWest? Home Run and Wayfarer have been requested a billion times, for instance.
  11. UE4 is trash and optimization is still garbage. BnS is done. You're better off finding a new game.
  12. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/march-store-update/ If you needed further evidence that NC$oft is desperately trying to milk your money, there you have it. 800NCoin for a bundle full of garbage and 1 Vial. Like, for real. New lows have been reached.
  13. March Hongmoon Store Update

    At this point I just resigned myself into thinking that I will never reach max soul, max pet, max heart, or max anything, and this is fine by me. I've been playing for 4 years, slowly working my way up to 2K AP, I barely reached Awakened Tiger Soul stage 1 and my heart is still in Virtuous stages. I could progress faster if I were a die-hard whale, but I'm not one. Do you know how many vials I need to reach max soul? 290. 290 freaking vials, and I only managed to score 1 in the last 13 days thanks to the sh*t events NC$oft keeps throwing at us. I'm gated behind the P2W walls that NC$oft put between me and the game. But this is fine, I can pretty much clear any of the current content, I'll just never play the Iron Ark raid unless I take out my credit card. Which is never going to happen, given NC$oft's track records over the last few months.
  14. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    or 2-3 days if you are an absolute whale, which is mainly the population NC$oft caters to. They don't care about us mere peasants, the devs themselves claimed so.
  15. Outfits in f10

    lmao you haven't updated the cosmetic page even once in 3 years, so much for "keeping a close eye" on our requests. You guys do nothing meaningful for this game. Anyway, I'd like Wipeout, Wayfarer and the white version of Home Run back.
  16. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Makes me wonder why they bothered posting the producer's letter. When a game goes P2W to such an extent, it's a clear sign it's going to die in a matter of months. Wouldn't even be surprised if they announced servers closure before summer.
  17. That's it? There is literally zero content that we weren't already aware of thanks to RU streams and communication. And what's with those questions nobody asked for? Where are the questions about optimization? Balance? Costs reductions? Trash P2W events?? Though it's no surprise the head of NA/EU is in fact a korean dude, which speaks volumes on why BnS NA/EU version is utter garbage and doomed to fail. His korean mindset cannot be carried out to a western market. Plain and simple.
  18. Last time we had 1 free key from daily login rewards (2 for Premium). Now it's zero for F2P and 1 for Premium. Could you stop being so effing stingy and give the same amount of keys as before? Thank you.
  19. Not enough Event currency.

    Not even enough to purchase 1 oil per week. More proof that the devs don't even play their own game.
  20. True. Still 0 for non-premium though
  21. Soul cost adjustments?

    Can't be blamed for miscommunication if you don't even communicate in the first place
  22. Where's the patchnotes?

    Where is the spreadsheet with the new costs? I like how it states "adjusted". Not even "reduced", but "adjusted". What's it gonna be this time, you removed Sacred Vials and put PTS instead?
  23. Make HR permanent

    Good for you. I couldn't enter even once for all the event duration.
  24. It's impossible to gear up alts correctly with this debilitating restriction, and it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Imperial accs are like 2+ years old. It's time you remove the 100 runs achievements for all of them, especially now that Storm Speaker accs have been introduced.
  25. Where is Producer's letter?

    Like, cutting the "costs rebalance" bs that makes everything more expensive than it was before and actually provide drastic costs reductions on outdated lower tiers. Weapon, Soul, Heart, Pet, everything needs to be lowered in price. This is the most newcomer-unfriendly game I have ever seen.