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  1. Blackwyrm guide.

    Very nice and informative guide, however you might wanna rethink having everything underlined. It makes it a little harder to read (for me at least). It also looks like you used italics for this, that should also be taken off if it is on.
  2. Nice attempt

    I must say you guys made a nice attempt at blocking spammers but, there is always a workaround.
  3. Disconnect Rage Solution

    That is kind of a dumb idea, during that 15 minutes the server is saving that one slot that can go to a player waiting in the queue. What if that player decides as soon as they d/c not to come back? Then that 15 or more minutes was wasted and just made people wait even more.
  4. This is a joke..

    Here is Mushin Wait Time
  5. Premium Member Queue

    I got and started waiting at 5 am PST (today is my day off), just barely got in 5 minutes ago and then my game crashed 2 minutes later after killing one mob =D. Still only level 3
  6. Which server is the best to play atm?

    it's not a matter of which one to pick it's a matter of which servers are open