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  1. Crimson Legion Rank List?

    How do I get Vanguard? I'mAscendant but It is locked. :s
  2. Simple solution? online staff always giving kick and ban, is simple. Staff, GM, ADM etc online!
  3. Hey guys, what is the best build against blade dancer? You can show me here! I need know how >.< Thank you! o/
  4. Support CLass?

    Yay, but summoner is a classe "support" this game.. Pure heal there is not. :T
  5. Support CLass?

    But he heals himself and the group.. Read more!
  6. Support CLass?

    HUE HUE HUE Summon is a "support" class. Read!
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Yes, we need! My block list is full. ;/
  8. Day 1 impressions

    This game was to come B2P and not f2p!
  9. Is this going to be fixed?

    First day is normal. :)
  10. Events on the site?

    Where is it!? I hope!
  11. Not getting alpha keys

    They needed to apply the pack of the key, no? ;s