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  1. rather just buy the square gems instead of that useless weapon like u said lol i dont understand ur ironic comment imo is better to aim for the future than some temporally weapon
  2. I been farming the Ebon Blooms for almost one week and i finally got 3500 for the Grand Celestial Weapon Chest and for my surprise the weapon cant be upgraded, on the chest description doesnt say anything about it... if it gives you a Stage 1 or a non upgrade weapon so i guess the ring and the earring are the same that cant be upgraded this is correct ? the real problem is that i just got scammed by the game lol
  3. so the event will not end until that day and we can still farming and using the item until that day ?
  4. I also want to know when the event ends, the Ebon Bloom says it the event ends march 16 but i want to know if the zone for farm the item will still there until that
  5. It is a waste of time to play with that ping, it might be fun to the PVE to a certain point but then when you enter a more difficult PVE you are at a disadvantage and not to mention in PVP that is where you can see the difference between players with high ping and low ping ... I played the first half year of the game and it was enough to realize the disadvantage I had before other players in both PVE and PVP is really sad because I liked the game very much but well ... I just keep hoping that someday I can have a server in SA to play with equal conditions against other players
  6. You cant fix the ping by urself its not the servers problem, the problem is that the server where you want to play is very far away and this game requires a very low ping of at least 50ms and less if you play with a class like the KFM I also stopped playing for this problem six months after the game came out because I realized that I was falling far behind compared to the other players who are less than 50ms And after all this time im still waiting for a server for South America that is how you can fix the ping problem
  7. I still hope that someday they put servers in SA I keep waiting since I left the game to the sixth month that came out when I realized that the game to play well is necessary to have 40 - 50 ms I want to suppose and I having 250 could not equal to any of the other players in both pve and pvp
  8. Hello, I wanted to know if in any future there would be a server for South America since this game requires a very low ping to play it to 100% I would like some dev / mod to respond but any information will be useful
  9. Im from Argentina and for me still the same ofc i have more atk speed but when i move with my char and try to attack is still the same really slow attack speed as always everything is fine when i stay still and attack but when i move and attack at the same time the delay feels really bad congratz to everyone who can play now but in my case is impossible to play even with this patch... South America server will fix it ofc but thats not gonna happend XD
  10. Looks like NCSOFT Korea is trying to give high ping player something hope for play again seems really good hopefully NCSOFT NA do the same
  11. The same that happened to me... I played blade and soul in china japan russia and nowhere could I have a good ping in which I played more in japan I bought the master pack and everything thinking that in NA would be the ping much better but not in the end not... of course it is much better than in Japan but this game requires a very low ping to be able to play it in pvp and in pve at first you might not realize but later with the dungeons mechanics and pvp... is unplayable The truth that it is a pity not to play this great game the best I played I thought I could play as much as Lineage II but
  12. Every time I see some video or some news of this game I say.... what a pity not to be able to play it for something like the ping I had very well the first months of game and I think that half of 2016 and I realized that I was much more disadvantaged than I thought I would be even if I use a VPN... it's a real shame I can't play it
  13. Not even the SEA players have a server for them.... and to be honest I think they have more chances of having a server since what I read in some forums is that... every time I have less hope hahahaha gg
  14. Apparently this can never come true but I will always be looking out for if someday happens cheer up
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