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  1. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    That's funny, considering that I own an Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz with 2x GTX970s and it still runs like garbo. GG NCWest, indeed.
  2. The more I see how this game progresses and the community's reaction to the game's current state, the more I feel like this game probably should have just stayed in Asia... That's all I'm going to say.
  3. Are The Bamboo Costumes Ugly or Not?

    It's very simplistic, so I can understand why people wouldn't like it. But I personally like it and would take it over overdesigned crap like Night Luna.
  4. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    Pretty much my response. Personally, though, judging by the kind of things I've seen people talk and say about in region/faction chat, I just don't think the majority of our community is mature enough to handle a feature like in-game marriage.
  5. Lorewise: Giving the summoner class to any race besides Lyn wouldn't make sense. Keep in mind that the cats that the lyn are able to summon aren't JUST cats. They're familiars (A.K.A spirits animals) and the Lyn are the only race capable enough to converse with spirits. (and before someone points it out: No, Warlock's aren't the same as Summoners. Since Warlocks use Talismans rather than their own energy to summon thralls, and these creatures that has no mind of its own and only follows the will of whoever summoned it, so they're pretty different in practice.) I'd much rather see the summoner class gain access to new familiar types (even just cosmetically) instead giving the summoner to other races just because some people aren't fond of playing lyn.
  6. Voted for housing. Would be could to have a place for my buddies and guild members to hang out, discussion guild stuff and train ourselves. Pets are already a given since they're already in every other version, so we'll end up getting them sooner or later. They don't support players directly but they give players passive stats and buffs, so it's basically just a fancy, living accessory that you have to take care of. Mounts would be nice as a prestige thing, but ultimately not very fun to use with the movement system we already have. Wings are currently only in the China version, but screw those ugly, tacky looking things. I hope we never get them.
  7. I knew this was going to happen since the NA closed beta. So many people were abusing the hell out of the system with lewd imagery. I'm willing to bet that not only will they only allow jpeg images, but they'll probably set it up so that images have to be screened and approved by NCSoft moderators before images will appear on your profile. Don't blame NCSoft for wanting to change the profile system. Blame all the nimrods that decided not to use sensible profile pictures because "lol M-rated game, that means I should be able to stick as many bare boobs and butts and sexually explicit images on my profile pic as I want."
  8. I find it amusing and kinda sad that I had to experience a quest in the Lycandi Foothills were I led a 17 year old boy to his own death by the hands of his own biological father, all because that father raised him the wrong way, even though the boy was more than willing to talk to him and possibly work things out. THAT quest made be feel like a real prick. THAT quest made me feel sorry for my actions. THAT quest in made me feel UNCOMFORTABLE. Why does that quest get to stay in, but a quest about some perv snooping on some ladies needs to get removed? Also doesn't help that a lot of the other quests in the game getting altered/removed seems so stupid and unnecessary.
  9. Kind of Silly, But... Why is No-one Talking?

    Most people just chat using region/faction or clan chat, it seems. The only time I've seen people use /say chat is from roleplayers on Jiwan. [free shrugs]
  10. [Suggestion] Option to unsummon cat

    I would also like the option to summons my cat. That is all.
  11. Potential Gunner/Archer Class Incoming

    Everyone that keeps saying that a Gunner won't be a possibility keeps forgetting this important piece of the interview...: And as far as I know and have seen, the Gunner has been WAY more anticipated by the general public than Spearman or Archer, ever since its "Proof of Concept" was teased back in 2008. There was even a few teasing interviews suggesting that the class was in development. I been following this game's development long before that and I don't really remember anyone anticipating a spear or archer class as munch until recently this year or so.
  12. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    Lock this thread.
  13. LGBT clan in NA servers?

    No, we can't all just get along. This is 2015 going 2016, which is the year of the offended.
  14. Well you already know the answer to all this and have a solution laid out in front of you: Make use of the mod ear/tail remover mod posted in this thread. It may be unsupported by NCsoft and you run the risk of messing up your client if used incorrectly, but it's better than nothing. I simply cannot see Team Bloodlust or NCSoft ever greenlighting a suggestion like this simply because a handful of users do not like the way the Lyn's animal features look like.
  15. You know what this game needs?

    More dances... hell, just more emotes in general would be nice. Personally I would like to see the character creation poses available as emotes, too. Seems like a shame that they're only used for the CC and nothing else.