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  1. Do these achievements that give you stat bonuses work in arena PvP? Some of them require you to kill a certain amount of player characters, thus the question.
  2. I don't know much about the Assassin class, so I'm trying to learn about it. What does the ability do exactly? Obviously if your opponent is dazed/groggy'd or stunned you can bind them in Silver Wire, but what can they do while they're in the wire? Can you tab out of it? Can you cast spells while in it? Can you turn your screen towards me if I'm behind you?
  3. Extra skill pages

    Hey all, during this first closed beta test I was doing a lot of PvP. I've noticed on my LBM / Bladedancer I've been speccing different ways for different classes, such as enabling my pinwheel to break snares and recover chi and speccing towards being able to make a Summoner's familiar unconscious, or being able to escape from a force grip against classes that can use it. This being said I decided to buy 7 extra skill pages so I could quickly change between them based off of which class I was fighting against. I realized shortly afterwards that you can only have a maximum of three pages. This made me especially sad, as I really wanted to have one for each class. While I doubt that they might change this in the near future, I wish I could have at least 8-9 pages. Thoughts? Edit: Not to mention that many pages cost me ~$100
  4. So I decided to try and solo through Tomb of the Exiles on my LBM/Blade Dancer. It was actually much much harder than I thought it was going to be, made it really fun! If you mess up once you get one shot. It's telling me that I'm not allowed to use that image extension on this community, but I'm pretty sure I have before, so I'll just link you to it, lol.
  5. Opinions on race-locking

    Lore Reasons. Money Reasons. Animation and modeling costs a lot of money. No one works for free. If you can be anything it's a little boring story wise. It has to make sense (for most games anyway).
  6. Character Naming and Reservations

    After reading this thread everything seems to have been answered correctly. Yes, there will be some time you have to wait before your character is deleted. No, players can not take that name while he or she is being deleted. Yes, (if your deletion time is only 5:01) it would be a good idea to already have your character creation settings saved so you can just import them while making your "new" character, and set a timer for approximately five minutes to quickly ensure that you will snag your name before anyone else. However, I really see no reason to completely trash your character as there aren't really any stats that you can mess up in Blade and Soul to require a reroll. It would merely be that you didn't like the way your character looked, or you didn't like his or her name. If this is the case you could use one of your character appearance vouchers you received from the Master Pack if you bought it, or they will likely be in the Hongmoon Store. Character names are a different story though, as we currently have no information on a voucher to change your name.
  7. Opinions on race-locking

    I am a fan of Race/Gender locked classes. However, I do personally like Lyn's the most. (I feel like all the other "normal sized" races run funky after playing only Lyn for so long.) If they were not locked, I would play every class as a Lyn, as I did with halflings in DDO despite the racial stats/bonuses.
  8. *Character Creation Request*

    I'll try my hand at it when I get home from work as well. Do you have any more pictures? A side angle or something might prove helpful. Hehe.
  9. Technical Alpha 2 - What Needs Attention

    I'm pretty sure he understands this. A lot of us would like the limit on daily quests voided, I know I sure would like that. I'd at least like to be able to complete each daily quest in Act 3, along with all the PvP and Faction dailies.
  10. I was Rank 9 during the alpha with some to spare, and I hardly had bought any of the costumes. On release I will be buying each costume.
  11. Yep. The real benefits I wanted out of the Premium Ranks were the remotely accessible Bank and Stash, and the 30% bonus experience from quests and mobs. So I just bought an extra $400 dollars worth of NCoin on top of my Masters Pack to have Rank 9 from day 1. I also would be spending about that much anyhow as I am going to be collecting every costume.
  12. Damn. These forums are getting ridiculous. Everyone is just posting the smallest, most unnecessary things, just to complain. Makes me want to throw a bomb at them. Not to mention I like being able to throw bombs at friends. It's fun.
  13. Making Fabrics

    Not 100% sure, but I think you obtain these fabrics from the guild crafting system?
  14. Why only 40 daily quest?

    I really wish I could do as many daily quests as I want. Especially when PvP and faction dailies count towards that number.
  15. RNG Boxes in the Hongmoon Store

    I personally feel like almost everything should be earned in game, and not bought. I will be mildly disappointed if we can just buy materials and resources, especially things that help us evolve our gear. Anything cosmetic I feel is okay to be RNG, even with real money. It's just how I feel. It makes the costume more rare, rather than if you could just straight out buy it. Right now with these boxes in the Hongmoon Store, it is too easy to upgrade your equips. However, if they are there at release, I will be taking advantage of them despite how I feel. Basically I feel like the Hongmoon store shouldn't have anything that progresses you in the game, or helps do that. (Other than experience boosts) Leveling faster in a game that you can cap out your character in two days in isn't a huge deal. So I'm fine with these. Materials just bugs me big time. Side Note - I was also a little disappointed when I discovered they'd be releasing a currency exchange. I am one that will be farming for massive amounts of gold as quickly as I can, and once I get to these big numbers others might feel like I just bought it. And that's pretty annoying. (Although people will still buy gold through some third party website, so I guess it's not really a huge deal either)