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  1. Chpt. 17 Text and Speech mismatch

    Lots of the text is off, you will learn as you progress. I'm sure text and voice is the last on their agenda in these technical alphas.
  2. Please include 32 bit windows for "A requirement for blade and soul installation failed" :
  3. Thanks, I'll remove my post.
  4. For those of you have the issue with the launcher almost installing and stopping at the last moment and saying "A Requirement for Blade and Soul Installation Failed": The issue is that Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 cannot install properly, usually a problem for Windows 10 users. Skip to Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, which covers everything in the 2005 package and a bit more. 64 bit : 32 bit :
  5. Install the visual C++ 2008 which can be found here.
  6. Just install c++ 2008, you can get it here.
  7. Microsoft 2005 C++ Visual Fix!

    You don't even need to go through that hassle! Just skip right to the 2008 redistributable package! It works as well! Here you go: