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  1. Looking to buy a Hongmoon Pellet on the Jiwan server. Message me in game on Beee or message me here on the forums. Thx

    15 hours ago, there are 2 period of dead time in game, an symbol of overloading of server. Anh now even SSO server still in mal-funtion. Hope these glue help!

    This should be system error related to server configured. And the reason why they dont announce shuting down server is they still dont know what error it is! We are trying to help them identify error by continuing log in - out - play game! 10 hours ago, i see many gla - bot around level 15 in game gathering stock house! is it a thread to cause server over? An attack of bot league!
  4. u can log in, can create character but cant press 'Play' button. It will respones by "Disconnect form server' error!
  5. This is Really Boring and Stupid

    They tell lie. I choose server with 600 players but cant click start button to play game cause of "Disconnect from server' error! This is not Muslin overload problem, this should a dead lock identified system errror.
  6. Disconnected from server (.300)

    This is funny for me! i wonder what they prepared in 2 weeks before launch? have tea all the time? This is not their first time of launching a game! Their is a high risk here absolutely, but they choose ignore it or cant solve it? This status will be automatic solved after 1 day, but ppl must wait. This is bad and not put customer in high respect :(
  7. Disconnected from server (.300)

    'Head start' = short term of 'Head waiting start'! :)
  8. Changing Server

    Jiwan in same problem now! better another servers!
  9. Disconnected from server (.300)

    You are not alone! I m in the same problem! Im in Jiwan.
  10. Random Crash after approx. 5min

    I event can't enter game by "Disconnect from server' error :( Im in Jiwan. You are more lucky than me :) cause you could play 5 minutes in game!
  11. Even in Jiwan with around 5000ppl, i can not connect to start play game! What happen? I have wait for around 6 hours from head start! Error "Disconnect from server ..' when i click play! NCSoft should have action! It still happens now when i typing this SOS message .... :(
  12. Comment in TA2

    1. The change of new login SSO made me some unpleasure! cause my network provide give me non-static ip each time i start my computer, so i have to log my email for confirmation code each time i log into game only! Is there any chance to chance this rule? 2. Type /Applaud in quest Start of the festival give nothing happen!, others same action quest have wrong translation issuses 3. The things in my inventor change its orginal positions each time i recieve more things, that make my effforts to rearrange everything again!
  13. Here is some my feedback after using alpha weekend: 1. Login screen should allows ppl Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V on username box for easy use 2. The voice of Lyn race should have child mind selection 3. The money got by quests from level 40 up is not eough for base using, such as reinforging 4. Add more amor, weapon skins for buying, including pet's 5. Is there colour dying system for amor? or weapon skin system appears in next patchs? 6. The range of effecting speaking to NPC or looing from mobs is too near 7. When i use key to open a box, the result item in my bag appreas without recognization by sign or color 8. Sometime reinforing needs weapon, access unslot by confirming tiwce, sometime dont need 9. My progress testing stop at 40 level, by i have a feeling that hard to upgrade level by doing quests from level 40 10, The view, scene, story is great by music need more improve 11. The chating tab system, UI changing is hard to use by normal experience users