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  1. NEVER received these outfits on my Summoner even though I tried many many times :D NEVER received these outfits on my Warlock even though I tried gazillions of times :D Received them both after about 10 runs on my Gunslinger :D Got to hate that RNG :D
  2. I got this outfit on my Summoner in 16 runs. I got this outfit on my Warlock in 3 runs. I got this outfit on my Gunner in 300+ runs. Its all RNG you just have to keep doing it :(
  3. XP Charms and HM levels problem

    I am no longer spending dollars to gain experience that should be able to be gained by playing the game. NCsoft have finally pushed me to close my purse and say enough is enough. I would happily continue playing and paying if I didnt think that hiding experience behind a paywall isnt the most obnoxious trick I have seen a game company pull. So NC soft have lost this mini whale as she will no longer be funding them :D
  4. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    I am usually a mini whale over trove but I can honestly say this one I bought 500 keys and Im not tempted to buy any more. I dont expect to get procs all the time and get super awesome items. This time the Trove just felt totally underwhelming as the biggest majority of the items were of little use to me. I usually happily whale it up a bit just to get the mats which to me are as important as the big stuff. This Trove however I saw 100 Soulstones ONCE and every other mat was in either 2,3 or 5 bundles it was a whoopdydoo time if I saw a bundle of 10. However please dont think I am complaining because the dollars in my purse are of more value to me than the dollars in NCsoft bank :D
  5. Beastbog changes

    I want to say that this is an area I have farmed daily since I could first get in there. I am currently one of those horrors who kills the boss in seconds no matter how hard I try not to. It just seems so ridiculous because they have basically made it an unplayable area now. The spawn times were way too long I totally agree with them being reduced but the massive HP drop was just totally over the top. How is this assisting lower level members to level up when they literally can not ever get enough hits in if there is a HM15+ there. Jonathan and Liinxy like to say they play the game but I feel sure if they did they would have laughed at this change being made. Getting ingame experience to level without having to whale it out and buy your experience relied on these areas for the experience. My biggest beef on this game has always been that for example lvl HM15 to HM16 takes 200 million experience, running quests etc I can barely make 1.5% experience a day so you are literally forced to buy your experience if you want to level at a reasonable pace.
  6. From my understanding of what was written they are talking about player experience and their use of skills and knowledge of dungeon mechs etc not experience earned from kills.
  7. Leavers need to be punished

    I don't mind helping people out in any dungeon up to Ebondrake Citadel but after that I think they should be able to at least do some damage. I don't care if I am helping out lower levels in fact I enjoy doing it. 1. because the more people who get higher means I have more people to play with. 2. because I am going to run the dungeon anyway. 3. its more fun playing with other people than soloing absolutely everything. 4. I was once a low lvl and I know how hard it can be trying to get parties. 5. As a higher level does it really hurt to carry someone through a dungeon when you are going to do that dungeon anyway. No I don't think so.
  8. Leavers need to be punished

    I solo the majority of the dungeons and so I go to Zaiwei where you can enter most of them without having to INCONVENIENCE other gamers. Yes it is an inconvenience to others when snobby higher levels join parties and then leave to go solo. IF I do join a party then I really don't care what level people are and if my HM15 GS gives lower levels a hand then so be it. Some people just don't care that their actions impact on others which is sad. Its like doing Shattered Masts and quitting as soon as you get the 15 kills for the daily. Why would you not finish the dungeon and get the experience from the last few quests? I need 200 million to get to HM16 and I run all dungeons every day to get the experience just to level, therefore I cant understand people just not bothering to finish a dungeon that gives experience. I just hope all the people who complain about this now remember as they get higher level how hard it is when people do it.
  9. Go to Celestial Basin and farm peaches, it costs 500 peaches to buy a mat pouch. The mat I get the most of from the pouches is the soulstone crystal. I farm around 20k + peaches each day and then buy 40 pouches and I would easily get 100+ soulstones each day.
  10. more special rules?

    Moving back onto the original question and getting away from the stupid orb you stress over so much. As previously stated MOML is another thing altogether and not the problem you quoted in your original post. NO there is no need for you to not bid on items in a party. Everyone has the same chance and is only limited by the amount of gold they have. I personally wouldnt even get involved in chat with the person insisting the stuff is theirs I would just bid and ignore them. Arguements both in game and on forums is stressful and most definately not fun for me so it is much easier just to pretend the person never spoke and leave when I have won or lost the bid. :D eg: today I ran EC with a pug group I am HM14 and they were between HM7-10, yes I agree I did a larger share of the damage but we were all still in that dungeon for the same amount of time. Each of those lower HM lvl players worked their butts off and for their level they did a fair share of the work. During those groups there is pretty much only one item I want and that is the mat pouches. If people try coppering me to death depending on the quantity of pouches I just chuck in the relevant amount of gold. If they want to outbid me and go over what I consider them worth then Im just grateful to take their gold. Ignore the trolls and really agro them by ignoring them that hurts them big time :D
  11. Does it worth go back playing again?

    Teicha they are currently working at rebalancing all classes not sure when it will be released though. I returned a few months back just after gunslinger was released and I have met many many returned players in that time. I started from CB1 as a summoner lvl45 hm6, quit summoner when warlock was released, played warlock to lvl55 hm12, quit warlock for the gunslinger and she is currently lvl55 and hm14.5. Am I enjoying the game you bet I am it is soooooooo much easier than it was even 12 months ago. Rejoin on your lvl 50 character and follow the yellow story quests and you will be given a full set of soul shields, accessories and even a legendary weapon :D By the time you get to lvl 55 you will be around hm7 or 8 and have around 850ap. Join yourself a nice friendly active guild and start enjoying the higher level content with them.
  12. Is leaving the party a new trend?

    Its not convenient ? Most days you will see me in Zaiwei running in to solo dungeons unless it is a day I have more time and use F8. The entrances to Lair of the Frozen Fang, Cold Storage, Avalanche Den, Heavens Mandate are all conveniently situated in Zaiwei. Couldnt get any more convenient if it tried :D Its not a problem that I need to wait for the 6th person I do it as a courtesy if I have used F8 to give as many as possible the chance to get the dungeon done. Your continual comments that others just want to be carried by your 1.1k ap is laughable, truth is most people are probably carrying you :D Have a nice day :D
  13. Is leaving the party a new trend?

    My quest line is finished and I remember back to the days when I was a mere 1.1k AP :D I dont expect anybody to carry me and I never complain when I carry someone else. I remember back to the days prior to being 1.2++k ap and I was always grateful to higher levels for the effort they put in. F8 is advertised as being the place to go for people without a full party to join up with others not a place to go and make other peoples lives hard.
  14. Is leaving the party a new trend?

    Why screw people over when you can simply go to Zaiwei and walk into Cold Storage?
  15. Is it worth it to start playing again?

    I am a returning player and I have to say they have made the game so much easier that it is a lot of fun to play now compared to in the beginning. The key with all games is finding yourself a group of fun and active people to play with. You will do no harm downloading the game and giving it another try. I know for me I decided I wanted to give the gunslinger a try and now my gunslinger is about to hit HM14 and she is has around 1224AP. I only say that because my Warlock which I worked on for months and months is still HM12 and her gear is around 1kAP. It shows just how much easier it is to catch up now which is a good thing :D I say download it and check it out dont listen to negative nancies who are jaded because the world isnt run exactly to their plan :D