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  1. Signs of a grim future

    I've resigned myself to just playing the game for what it's worth. With a company like this, there's no point holding out hope for anything remotely close to a happy baseline. They'll do what they want, your opinions be damned.
  2. Signs of a grim future

    It's funny you say that, because my expectations for this company were pretty rock-bottom from the get-go. And they just dug deeper. One clap.
  3. For the Ask Me Anything (AMA) stream, it's usually Thursdays from 2-4 PM PST.
  4. You're going to have to upload that to an image hosting site like Imgur, copy the direct link, edit your post, click "Insert other media," "Insert image from URL," and then paste the link.
  5. Truly, I don't expect a real solution to the bot problem. I think it's hard for any developer to constantly combat infinite bot generation, so I expect only mitigation of bots in the long run, not elimination. But the hacking players are getting out of hand. It's one thing to have bots in a game--most people kind of just expect some feasible number of them on any game these days anyway--but to have so many blatant hackers prancing around is revealing some desperate level of ineptitude on NCSOFT's part. I, for one, firmly believe they're trying to combat the hackers and bots. I really do believe they're trying. But I also firmly believe they're just not competent enough to succeed in what they're trying to do--which makes sense. I don't imagine many amazing programmers and cybersecurity specialists choose NCSOFT as their place of employment. (I'm sure the kind of people who can fix these messes work in far superior companies.) As sad as this will sound, NCSOFT is probably doing its best with what little talent it has. Of course, I don't have any personal knowledge of the staff working on the Westernized version of the game, so maybe they're all brilliant and I'll wake up one day and find many of the hacking problems addressed at once in some spectacularly efficient fashion. If someone could jump in here and white-knight for a bit and tell me that NCSOFT has amazing talent behind the wheels and that everything will be all right soon, I'd really appreciate it. It's always nice to be wrong about these kinds of things.
  6. I've seen something similar, too. Except the guy I saw was using his bot slaves to grind exp for him at the wolves near Northreach. Didn't bother moving or hiding--probably just sleeping, honestly. Must be nice not having to worry about ban hammers. Must be real nice.
  7. I've heard on the grapevine that the EU servers suffer from significantly less bots and hackers than the NA servers do. Not sure why, and not sure by how much less. Not sure if that's even true. But if it is, kudos to the EU side.
  8. Friends and I are betting on whether they'll answer the hacks and bots concerns on the Q&A livestream this week or if they'll just hand-wave the situation away as "We're working on it." Friend 1 bet five bucks they'll cancel the livestream and run away from the heat. Friend 2 bet twenty bucks they'll ignore the questions about hacks and bots completely. I bet fifty bucks they'll give a completely useless answer along the lines of "It's not that easy. We're working on it. We won't tell you how in any way, shape, or form to at all develop trust or reassure you, but just trust us. Smiley face." I've got a good feeling about this gamble, guys. But, honestly, I would love to lose, instead.
  9. As I understand it, that's also not technically allowed, though there's no way to verify it one way or another. Still, I'll hedge my bets on this and tell him to level his own summoner, given the waves after waves of people complaining about banned accounts for [insert reason here]. Thanks for the suggestion, though! Sorry I won't use it!
  10. @Lock6 Thank you for the speedy response! I'll turn my friend down accordingly.
  11. A friend messaged me and asked if he could try playing a level 50 summoner for a bit on my account. I told him I'd check the TOS and let him know tomorrow. While reading the legal documentation, I found some conflicting information and would like to clarify before allowing or denying my friend's request. First, the articles in question in their entirety: Blade & Soul User Agreement Website Terms of Use Now, the specifics. From the B&S User Agreement page, I noticed this stipulation (I will refer to this as Image A): From the Website Terms of Use page, I noticed this seemingly conflicting statement (I will refer to this as Image B): Image B seems to imply that we can share accounts as long as we have "the express permission and consent of the holder of that user name, password or account." The only warning it gives is simply that "NCSOFT cannot and will not be liable for" anything in that scenario. Image A, however, is extremely clear that "each account may only be used by one person." Considering that the account is the same across the website and B&S, this seems like rather conflicting information. Would a representative of B&S please clarify the details on these prohibitions and their conditions? I ask because I play with my significant other and my real-life friends and would like to check if letting a friend or a loved one play on my account in the future would be considered a violation of the User Agreement. If so, then it simply won't happen. Thank you for your time.
  12. Ensuring a clean UN-install of BnS

    I found an article that seems somewhat reputable. Use at your own discretion. "How Do I Uninstall nProtect Game Guard?"
  13. Silverfrost Maintenance

    Thanks, man.
  14. Silverfrost Maintenance

    This is 12 PM European time, I'm guessing?