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  1. Killing Giant Crabs

    I could have sworn there were weapon racks near the beach that you could interact with for another gun but I could be recalling incorrectly.
  2. It was probably a reward box and you just missed the reward notification. The boxes have a lot of items listed in them but typically you will get one or more items and then have a CHANCE to receive another item(s) that are listed. Therefore if a potion is a reward and you already have a potion in your inventory then that potion would just stack on top of what you already have. Likewise you may get a repair hammer as the "chance reward" which would also stack with other hammers if you already have some. Many people have been confused by this and think that they should receive all of the items that are listed as possible rewards but that is not how the system works.
  3. Upgrade material

    Pretty sure this is intended since the Hongmoon accessories are what you start with and typically continue feeding and evolving through max level (or until other options like legendaries are released). The only reason they are available in stone shops and what not is in case someone accidentally destroyed them. Doing it this way makes it harder for someone to accidentally feed one to something else and then complaining because they don't have the stones or something. Also saves customer support time so they can focus on other issues.
  4. The chests in Dungeons

    Like someone already mentioned at the top of this thread, the instance/dungeon chests can only be opened/interacted with if you have a regular "key" not a "hongmoon key." It is also like this on the Taiwan servers.
  5. Transmutation

    Correct, failing will take the money from you but you will still keep the other materials so that you can try again. There are a lot of RNG aspects to this game.
  6. Viridian Poison drops

    You can get the poison from a couple dailies that offer it as a reward (it would be listed as a reward in the quest info) or by getting lucky when killing Pokey in Lakeside Cache. Pokey does not always drop it so yes that aspect is RNG.
  7. The quest in Lusung's house in Sandstone Refuge is not a bug. There is not an npc there with a quest but rather the bookshelf/cabinet that your character is facing.