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  1. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    Got a response 11 hours later. The solution was for support to remove the old voucher and give me a new one. Since its the latest, it'll show up top on first page which make it work... speechless with the spaghetti code atm. Don't give up guys!!!
  2. Can't Create lvl 50 with voucher?

    1:20pm since I created the ticket regarding this. No reply 9 hours later. And I was planning to trove on my new warden. Guess they don't want ppl spending. I would've open way more keys than that 1 voucher. I got the money but I refuse to pay for something I already own.
  3. cat tank nerfed

    OMG, solo farming brightstone in 6 mins, please teach me your black magic.
  4. wait... isn't these what made premium good? Its just enough edge to help players but not enough to upset the non paying players. I mean sure, if I had premium and premium adds 20% bonus damage and 20% bonus def, hellz yea it's worth it. But remember, this game isn't paid to win. Oh and you forgot 1 last thing. Premium also increase your crafting exp. So that means it'll take the half the time as someone else to start crafting high lvl stuff and start selling them on the market.
  5. Error 4047 and 4049

    Press play game on ncsoft launcher. Game either wont start or crash then comes the one of the two error message.
  6. Epic Dungeon Exp still 1

    So in alpha, all dungeons gave only 1 exp per kill regardless of level or difficulty. This problem was fixed for regular dungeons in close beta. However, epic dungeons such as Blackram still suffer from 1 exp per kill. Please fix. Feel like my exp combat boost soup is such a waste here.
  7. once lvl cap hits 50, warlock will be released. So yea, I say 3-6 months after release.
  8. that's why the only class i'm looking forward is Warlock. That's summoning and hotness all into one package.
  9. GM do your job!

    They said its not Racist and its KKK. So you must be the racist one cuz you automatically assumed that KKK = Klu Klux Klan. For all you know, it could be an Indian Clan called Krista Kali Krishna.
  10. This Beta is Plagued With This Issue!

    you're better off than me. Half the time, the game boots up and before I can get into the game, it crashes with some 4047 or 4049 error. Then I'm stuck in Limbo. Other times it randomly crash, right after you select character. The load bar starts but nothing goes through and game crash again.
  11. they stated that you can anything in the game with hongmoon coins except Premium. So they can actually make money off of it. If Premium is sold through Hongmoon, no one will pay real money for it.
  12. ok... if its Pay 2 win, can you explain to me what are you winning exactly? You can't even use this in arena in PVP. Maybe u get 2% crit chance bonus in regular world, would that help you gain more prestige? Or can you just farm that with time? In that case, that soup that gives more combat exp got to be Pay to Win. Cuz its op how you level faster than most ppl.
  13. for some reason I didn't get a pouch, end up change 10 High Quality Fabric and 10 Fabric for 1 High Quality Fabric?
  14. I know from a few streams back that the Auction House will be getting an upgrade to be web base. I'm just wondering if crafting can be the same as well. It would be so helpful to be able to craft while you're away from your computer on the comfort of a tablet or smart phone.
  15. don't forget your spoon fed with materials to upgrade your weapons as well... Not that hard when you get to upgrade your weapon as soon as you hit the required level eh?