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  1. About the dungeons and the "bid system"

    well, yeah, I agree with you. we are now in the alpha test, the players are real fan, not trolls. But based on my experiences in Chinese Server, the system is not good at all. Please let me explain it. 1, you can't make sure everyone is that nice. let's discuss the situations in the bid system: 1, other one canceled the bid and you get a item for 1 Bronze. 2, some one needed the item as well as you, the richer one get the item, rest of the team members share the money. 3, some one is troll with you, he do not need the item at all, but he do not want you to get it for 1 Bronze. --- see the problem? I met a lot of people, biding an unrelated weapon for 20 silver to start. for those who barely notice the price and pressed yes, will pay a lot. 2, the economy system in the game sucks, you all know that. That means, you can't compete with high level player. well, assume I need to upgrade weapons and accessories, but I think I better get to lvl 45 and then come back to the dungeons. let's assume I have 3 gold and 60 silver in my pocket. I went back to the Tomb of Exile, where challengers are around 35, normally, they only have 20 silvers, and in that case, no matter how desperate they want an item, they have no chance. The winner of the game is always the one who is richer, both in game coin and in dollar. -----------------I'm a fan, I don't care, but don't expect other new players would like it. 3, about the binding item and the class. why biding on something you cannot ever trade and equip? most of the players in NA server are nice, they pass the bid on an item they don't need. But there are people who mess with others for fun, biding on something completely unless to them.
  2. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    I take it back, now I have the code, Yahoo!
  3. I select Flame Lotus Tire 3 Form 1 in my skill tree. Here comes the problem: Player is able to manually detonate the Flame Lotus. In the case of Flame Lotus is not yet detonated but the target is already dead, the Flame Lotus suppose start cold down right away. However, Instead of that, after player defeated an enemy, the Flame Lotus still remains the detonate icon unless the target's corpse is completely disappeared. And it took a long time for a corpse to be burnt off. Hope you could fix the bug before the game launch.