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  1. every fame has this issue as they NEED to track the gold and ban both buyers and seller .. 9 times out of 10 games only ban the sellers .. remove the buyer and their way of making money and they remove the reason for the gold sellers in the first place .. YES P2P helps BUT it doesn't really solve it as it is also true the they gold sellers will often make more money than they are losing from lock outs.. also IF they haven't yet (haven't looked) these guys need to remove the cheap premium options .. (that was a stupid idea and just fed the gold farmers)
  2. This is crap . OK your health is the same BUT since you have a lot few SP and don't have access to some of the skills altogether it DOES create an imbalance .. having said that I don't see a solution unless you grant all PvP players in the arena 50th level AND all Hongmoon secret techniques at entrance to the arena .. Seems a little pointless though then to bother to unlock things though IF all you are here to do is PvP
  3. absolutely .. I agree the toxic nature of the game has a part to play in my desire to find something else to play
  4. Summoner is the easiest to learn and master .. though I am not sure IF I would say that they are easily obliterated by other classes .. I think the issue with how easy they are to beat by players who play other classes IS more about the learning curve .. Summoners ARE way too easy of much of the PvE and PvP game so the player doesn't have to learn the game till later on at which point they are up against players that ARE way better and have been forced to struggle to learn their class... The class is EASY to play but a little ahrder to master MOSTLY because you don't ha
  5. The way some characters react in the arena I think THEY are players whoa re using macros so they never fail at their ani canceling .. NOT that is makes a difference as either OR officially is considered cheating I think .. Sadly it isn't being corrected probably because the game is dropping players so fast so they are figuring to get out of the game what they can regardless of why the players are still there .. For those people who think BOTs are super easy to beat there are a few that are very well programmed and a computer doesn't make mistakes .. as a hack to remov
  6. I think it is an error THAT never got fixed ... THERE are several bosses with this same issue .. you are way out of the zone that the attack is showing to effect AND YET you get hit hard by the attack I brought THIS up during CBT and put in a bug report (this is the 2nd week of CBT I think) and still it hasn't been fixed .. MAYBE it is our computers that are in error YET AGAIN??
  7. I have been mostly done since week 2 myself .. I log into the game for the daily dash and to trash around with the PvE as PvP is impossible with my character of choice (KFM) due to lag and hacks/macro users .. It is funny the game played better during the CBTs than it DOES now .. IT has only been a month BUT it is becoming painfully apparent THAT nothing is going to change as THEY won't even admit to an issue in many cases NCSoft as a whole has lost a paying customer over this piece of trash game THAT they refuse to fix correctly
  8. YES great IDEA bash players who are learning .. THAT will keep the game a float as the community isn't toxic enough .. the bot KFMs are probably NOT bots but players using macros AND YES hacks as there have been a lot of these IN every class ... EVERYTHING from the hack the allows them to TP and move around the board and out of harms way to the ones that allow players to LEAP from their start point to your start point .. NOW some of this could be lag BUT I have seen it way too often with abilities that I know have CDs THAT are constantly recycling instan
  9. you can beat any class I am told though i have had a lot of issues and have parked my KFM as I am so tired of dying again and again in the arena AND never having a chance to figure anything out except how to hit the respawn button after dead.. THE 2nd release I am told to use I don't even get to see (still haven't figured out what blasted button as it flashes to fast so I assume f?? I mean it that is is there and gone too fast) Pretty much to me PvP in the game is just stunfestgedon
  10. the melees you are having issues with are easy enough to deal with .. slow freeze and keep behind them .. BLOCK doesn't work from behind (or doesn't for me AS KFM) and as long as you are behind them they can't leap at you as they can't target you all you have to do then is stand behind them and plink them to death (IT IS VERY ANNOYING but it works)
  11. As the title says the sentinel ruins is dead .. 15 mins in cross dungeon lobby and no one I know the dungeon isn't important to high levels BUT it sure seems a bad sign when one month later there is no one leveling through this area anymore
  12. Ok this si just off.. HOW are they breaking the "soulstone" economy .. selling too cheap ?? TOO costly? The players want to control the economy to fit what THEY want .. cheap prices for what you are buying and expensive for what you are selling.. YES the BoTs are annoying as ARE all the other hackers as are the macro users (there are a lot WHEN I fail to do x and they continue in a pattern till the end it is rather obvious) .. I wish THAT NCSOFT would get off their asses and fix these issues along with the lag that many suffer from S
  13. I agree with this .. sometimes it isn't so bad BUT usually it is hideous .. I still go into the arena ONLY for the daily 3 deaths and enter arena dailies .. I have a 23 to 3 or something near that .. THE game is all about who gets first stun and whether or not you can hit the releases fast enough (at least before they run out) AND the ONLY release I get is tab as the other one sometimes doesn't evel flash since I am lagging so bad .. Honestly I can understand why so many have seemed to leave the game AND i am doing likewise and only here till
  14. I am not sure what the damage is BUT PvP in this game (especially arena) is not about damage but CCing the target .. If you can freeze and keep your target snared you can stay at a decent range at most times and then just learn to move and target while jumping as melee will have a hard time targeting and hitting you .. you on the other hand should find it easy enough to stay on target and just keep shooting down range .. IF you freeze them in place get behind them and at some point you will find you can pretty much keep melee frozen as block doesn't work from behind and nor does le
  15. all you have to do with melee classes is get the frozen and then dance around .. as long as you hit the button while pointing the spell WILL hit
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