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  1. THey do come out of some daily boss dungeon boxes .. the trouble is so many people mad dashed to max level then found they missed out on things they would need .. at 43rd level I have over 50 stored already and I am just not in a big hurry to go through story line and keep doing dailies .. Daily grind seem boring sure BUT there is a reason for them
  2. TY .. I know i can turn it off Regedt in the control file but it is a pain to have to turn it off and then when you need it again going through all the hunt and seek to find it again
  3. I like this too BUT hope they DON'T call it soul fighter (something about that name makes me cringe and think of one of those Japanese children's animes for the 70s)
  4. accusing people of "babbling" is kind of insulting .. goodbye
  5. just a word of note DO you guys know what voice acting costs? I can agree that some of the voice acting (in fact most of it) seems out of place BUT to redo it would force them to reedit it and would cost hundreds of thousands potentially and THEN that assumes it game be hotfixed into place.. The other side is that we could also end up with a REALLY bad sounding/badly dubbed game that is reminiscent or those BAD 70s chopsocky movies I would have gone a completely different route with this game for the voice acting (and IF the write ups were right
  6. as a premium player at present I have issues with this as .. the costs to open up you storage is too high in the end .. you have the one row where you unlock on box at a time it just seem rude.. I know they have to make money BUT it also seems they are truing to make back all the money they have invested in a few weeks
  7. anyone know if there is an easy way to lock the STUPID blood windows key without actually disabling it completely .. WHY the hell is it always on the left bottom it should be up on the top so we can't hit is all the time by accident .. maybe i need to start making keyboards
  8. You ARE RIGHT .. BUT there aren't enough reasons to sub .. IF they make wardrobe free they HAVE to give something to the premium member ot make it worth the bother and then it will just be another shine fest about something else OR an incredible drop in subs the outfits are great for influx money when they come out but subs are a constant income and just to mention NO i AM paying a sub myself .. I a like to support games i play to help in development and like to get the added options like say wardrobe
  9. get the error and then send a ticket to the support here on the forum.. I really wish they had an in game option to send tickets
  10. one of the things many people over look is the fact you can buy things with the Hongmoon coins gotten in the gamer .. SURE it takes a lot longer but then you didn't pay anything either .. also 2 character slots IS annoying on paper but not that bad since you don't have to pay for the extras if you don't want to and MANY games offer only 2 or 3 slots like EVE is 3 characters only (though bad to mention it since it can take a year just to get going on that game) or SWToR which i think FTP is 3 or 4 characters to start .. by 15th level i pretty much figured out what classe
  11. ok AND you wonder why the wardrobe is still locked behind the premium account and you can't just buy it .. a monthly or a one shot payout for the cost of a monthly? sure I agree there should be a better way to do this such as giving the premiums 2 daily dash say for every 1 non premiums get (and not with these insane timers we were suffering under CBT as waiting 4+ hours to get them all was just too much for many most days)
  12. you can probably take them to a merchant and sell them for 1 cp like the starting "training" weapons you get at the beginning of the game
  13. I can sort of see this .. a limited access wardrobe for faction only outfits MAYBE .. sadly IF you get that THEN there will be 100 threads 10 mins after crying someone wants more ..
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