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  1. I don't know 'bout you, but some of my shits are glorious. You gotta do it, but its also super satisfying.
  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking xD Even Guild Wars 2 has grinding, it's just part of the MMO formula - people blast through content and then complain about grinding. And they literally just came out with their largest content update TODAY. *sigh* there's always people who are never satisfied - even for a free game lol. Seeya OP.
  3. If I remember correctly, the orbs are only used for Dragoncall for cooldown reduction, and are a prerequisite for Dragon Helix, which you can't even use unless you have 3 orbs.
  4. It's not described well in the skill tooltip. But if you let Imprison finish, you'll see the icon for Dragoncall change. If you cast at this point, it doesn't instantly hit the target like the tooltip says. However, you can move and use other skills. Try using Dragoncall by itself, you will cancel it if you try to move.
  5. As @Elynya indicated, it is a chance to get +230 additional damage, not always (that would be awesome though) Diamonds give you +X additional damage always. Fun fact: If you watch your character while attacking, if the gem effect is triggered, it will show a silhouette of that color (so for ruby, you will see a red outline pop out of your character, for amethyst it will be a purple outline, etc.)
  6. It's the blatant ignorance that bothers me. Yeah, I guess it's just a game, they can do whatever they want. They're not breaking any rules. It's just a crappy move on their part, and unfortunately nothing will most likely be done :( Best scenario, NCSoft has a heart, realizes what people are doing, and if it's bothering a lot of their player base (which means they're losing customers), hopefully that'll be incentive enough to change some things around. Like @Startrance said - make the monsters shareable. (I don't know what the OP was fighting in the video, but I'm guessing whoever
  7. Hey, this is great! Good idea, and thanks for letting me know :)
  8. Hi all! I couldn't find anything about this, but is it possible to check if your character name is taken when you create a new character? Sometimes I model my character after something, like a person or character in a show, movie, or whatever. And it would suck if I did that and then the name isn't available. So is it possible to check before making your character? Thanks!
  9. Nah, sorry - I'm only level 40 on my KFM. Now that you say this though, not looking forward to those dungeons lol. Will need to practice, but most likely will just join a big group.
  10. Like we both said, it's a highly skilled class. If you practice and become good with blocking and countering, it is hard to die. I've solo'd all dungeons up to Tomb of Exiles, which isn't saying much lol, but just signifying that they can hold their own. Yeah they don't have the highest DPS, but they are great tanks and with my skills spec'd for HP, if I counter or use certain skills, I gain alot of HP back. With this plus the life steal gem, yeah I may mess up one block and lose 20% HP or w/e, but I'll gain that back from using skills and blocking the next time (or using Rising Dragon, which
  11. In terms of class, I am using KFM and I love it. To describe the play style, it's a very fast-paced, heavily skilled class. Requires good timing and chaining combos to be effective. When PvEing, you will most likely never die, and in PvP, you need to focus hard to counter and stun opponents so you can get them in a long combo chain. Very rewarding class to play, but also difficult to master. A couple things I can tell you from my experience in playing: - Craft early. Once you get to level 15 in Jadestone Village, choose your 4 crafting guilds that compliment each other (I chos
  12. Interesting - I didn't know other classes have that many threat-building skills, I thought that was more of a KFM thing since they're melee and rely on blocks/counters, they need to be attacked xD Yeah, I would hope people understand that lol. I switch back and forth, depending on if I want to draw aggro or not. Sometimes I'm lazy and just circle around with higher-damage skills instead of drawing aggro lol.
  13. Have you ever partied with a PvE/Dungeon spec'd KFM? Curious how you're maintaining aggro. With KFM threat skills, I always pull aggro - I can get like 450% additional threat lol.
  14. Try doing a full file repair (click the button at the bottom left of your launcher) If that doesn't work, you can try these steps too: 1) Navigate to your game folder: "'C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\bin'" 2) Select local.ini file and right click into properties 3) Make it Read-only
  15. Yeah, it's lucky if it's the first roll - I just don't think anyone on the forums cares.
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