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  1. im done with bns

    was i the only one laughing at this call out?
  2. nah its all gone, I planned to get a 50 pack on the last day, in case i didn't get anything good during the event period. Since all I got was garbage, I planned on getting them right after work, which is now, and noticed all the keys are gone and completely remember that they always remove the keys on the last day >_>
  3. I know I should learn my lesson by now, but *cricket*! Why can't they remove these things during the server maintenance? Usually when you advertise from X date to Y date, the Y date should be the last day to do said advertised thing, not the day before... sigh, don't mind me, just venting from my own stupidity of not learning my lesson from the last trove event.
  4. Just upgraded to a GTX 1070 and...

    zomg, i can't wait for that >.<
  5. There's no increase in performance.... is this game just poorly optimized? in FFXIV and other games my performance skyrocketed
  6. why is zulia censored?

    I was looking forward to Zulia's epic boobs..... I have to say I'm disappointed =_=
  7. It only works on costumes gained from the cashshop, but then again, didn't the notes say event costumes are mailable too with the stamps?
  8. After the patch, I no longer see the splash screen telling me what boss has spawned in the instance. I can't find anywhere in the options to enable or disable it. Any clues would help!
  9. Character Deletion time 6 Day left ?:(

    The higher the character level the longer it takes to delete. It's preventive measure against account hacks that delete characters
  10. Daily Spin Is Totally Rigged!

    I finished my board in 2 weeks, gitgud er... lucky
  11. wardrobe should be free already

    FFXIV is pretty successful to this day.
  12. Party Bidding System

    Welcome to the internet, perhaps you should quit the internet as a whole.... It's toxic no matter where you go that involves interacting with people. Anyway @ TC do you prefer to walk out of a dungeon empty handed with nothing to show for your time because of a bad roll, or do you prefer to walk out of a dungeon richer because someone decided to bid a stupid amount of gold?
  13. Bots who farm Quartz

    Completely false, FFXIV and WoW are flooded with Bots
  14. for 10 kills to complete the daily is hilarious, well that's what happens when all of you jump ship and front load a faction. Have Fun