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  1. NA/EU Costumes, One time only?

    I see, well thank you for the information. But since I added this post as a suggestion from a Dev hopefully seeing this will help so they don't forget about announcing more information about it.
  2. NA/EU Costumes, One time only?

    Where did they say that we would get them again later? I suppose all I'm asking for is to not be left in the dark.
  3. NA/EU Costumes, One time only?

    Hello all~! I'm just here to make a suggestion about the very artistically made costumes that were designed before launch, the NA Regium Corvus and the EU Night Luna. Currently there has been only one way for us to receive these items, and that was during the Daily Dash. Now if you were not able to finish the Dash in time or decided that you wanted another character to have the outfit as well you are out of luck. On the contest's page it said that both costumes will be available for players at launch. It does NOT say that it is one per person or one time only. So when will we be able to get the other costume that does not belong to our respected regions? Since there was never any details on the limit of this item or if the two costumes were restricted to their respected regions I feel like it would only be fair to allow us to receive the costume again [perhaps through dungeons or more daily dashes?]. Being given details on how we can get the other costume would also be nice. Just my thoughts on something that isn't major but I'm sure can relate to a lot of other players.
  4. Lyn: Possible New Customization Additions

    Mixing and matching would be great too, but starting small (just size first or just color first) will make a huge difference in customization options. The sizing and color may or may not be easier to implement too.
  5. Hello all~! I know that Blade and Soul has already released officially in the west but new additions and tweaks can always been added/ considered. (I posted a comment about this and decided to make it a spearate topic) That being said I would like to propose the idea of allowing users to choose the color of the ears and tails separately from the hair color. In addition giving us the option to resize the ears and tail (mostly ears ) would also add more customization features to the Lyn.
  6. character customization Lyns ears and tails

    Another idea to consider (don't know how difficult it would be to implement it) is adding an option to resize the ears and or tail....mostly ears.
  7. Idea for "cosmetics"

    Giving females the option to pick a costume with their bra showing or not would be nice... I mean i like allot of the costume ideas but in my opinion some look bad with the bra just exposed randomly. In short it would be nice to have two versions. One default and one with more decency.
  8. Cosmetics and character appearance

    Wardrobe for all kinds of players would be awesome...
  9. Hair Styles

    Really long hair for females would also be nice. . . Like my hair touched the back of my knees at one point. . .
  10. Hard spikes - fps droping

    My issue is a little different...I have a high performance laptop that runs Windows 8 and I only ever got MAX 10fps in the whole Alpha.
  11. My Antivirus thinks it's a high Risk File.

    Hello! I originally had this issue myself with Norton. I kept getting the high risk file notification and then the message "Error: 3008" on the BnS launcher. What I finally discovered was there is a file called "client.exe" that Norton was uninstalling automatically from the BnS files. However this file goes into a setting called "Quarantine" and to restore your BnS launcher you hace to remove the "client.exe" from the Quarantine list. Once you do that the launcher should load just fine ^^ Best~ Silmeria