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  1. When turning in the quest to Earthseers Lim Sowon, she says "Breaking the Julking Totems is only a temporary solution, but your service is greatly appreciated. I hope to find a way to keep the spirits at bay out before the infestmore sacred totems..."
  2. At the destination of the Dragon Pulse Northeast of the Wanderer's Hut, there is an invisible wall poking out from the side of the mountain preventing some movement.
  3. When left clicking on a weapon chest in one's inventory the top right icon of an opening chest is labeled with "Heat" but takes to the same menu for unlocking it with a key.
  4. Choosing side bug

    I noticed this as well for Crimson, just as Callisandra said. Does this also happen when selecting Cerulean or only Crimson?
  5. The chests in Dungeons

    I have been unable to click on/interact with any chests in the dungeons. (Only played up to the Everdark area)
  6. Rubberbanding after sprint

    Same as Aquel. Especially noticed on the hills in the Everdusk.