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  1. seriously? come on...

    I did that but have you noticed it keeps your mail icon up showing you have mail? Not that this isnt an easy thing enough to ignore, but I like my screen somewhat neat and I sell all day in the market, so it annoys me just that much at the same time.
  2. seriously? come on...

    [Removed image. Please edit the phishing link out when posting screenshots] The whispers I can just ignore...but is this gonna start filling up my in game mail now? I know you Devs dont want to show your hand to these guys but please get something going soon.
  3. Looking for a guild

    My clan is recruiting but alas we are Cerulean as well...if you happen to change all of your requirements are met within Forsaken Misery. :D
  4. :D yay yay Forsaken Misery......hope to see you in game
  5. I am looking for the Banishing Charm for Earthseers...where do these drop? I have seen the transformation stones going but for the jar we need other items. Anyone please can answer?
  6. Night Luna outfit?

    Um...yeah ty Takeva...I really didnt have any rude intentions behind what I said, I just answered a question......I too have a life being a mother with 2 toddlers, house to take care of, and bills like mostly everyone else....I am not just some kid playing around on the forums
  7. Night Luna outfit?

    They had mentioned it on the stream when they revealed both outfits....past broadcast for it is on the twitch channel
  8. Night Luna outfit?

    EU is getting one of the outfits while NA is getting the other one....they will switch it out so each region gets a chance to get both
  9. Server down or crashed ?

    lmao ty gentleman :P
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    i wanna learn to do this D:
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    Me too I was like "OMG the blizzard has spread!!" maybe I should just go back to bed D:
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    why would you reinstall just cuz servers are down?
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    so has there been a response or anything yet from the Devs about whats going on?
  14. Show off your characters!!

    i had but i will do again :D and Soul/12489200_10156459972660504_8940799106618445422_o_zps7zosgxa5.jpg and Soul/12615602_10156459972650504_2495964270362558775_o_zpsa3r3j9kv.jpg
  15. 7 Day Wait For Character Deletion (Premium)

    I would go ahead and submit a ticket letting them know you are transferring servers. I dont understand why they wouldnt put in a stop deletion button, when they clearly said in their streams that the whole reason behind the 7 days was to prevent hacking problems.