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  1. Either his internet connection is extremely poor quality (read he's dropping a ton of packets) or he's talking about loading times which has almost nothing to do with connection speed and everything to do with read speed from the hard drive.
  2. I was not playing wow before not playing wow was cool. But seriously, tab target combat has never interested me, so I never felt the need to try it.
  3. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    3RF is easier to pattern for sure, but its a bit of a challenge to strafe and do it at the same time.
  4. 2/10 patch nerfs/lag?

    I feel like the "hit" point of shin kick changed for me (could just be lag I guess). It used to happen almost immediately when the animation started, now the animation is almost finished by the time the "hit" happens.
  5. Crit chance

    That seems about right. Remember that the soulshields can have a range of different stats and infusion is also a random number. Upping the weapon to siren also gives a crit boost which would probably put you right at 50%ish.
  6. Did you people never go to McDonalds as a kid and get happy meals? How many happy meals did it take to get all the toys? How many time did you get the same toy? The boxes are basically that. They give a set reward + a subset of anywhere from worthless to awesome rewards. It's up to the individual to decide what cost is worth paying to get that one specific reward. Just because you don't think its worth it, doesn't mean everyone should, specially when "that one item" is a completely pointless item as far as game play is concerned.
  7. Of all the complaints in this thread, my personal opinion is that this is the only valid one. If ya'll are seriously buying these boxes without having the liquid funds to do so, you should seriously seek some sort of help. If you don't understand that random means random... for the love of god just stop. If you don't like random boxes, just have some patients, they already said they're going to release it as a normal purchase costume. I for one appreciate the boxes. Even if I hadn't gotten the outfit, I was able to more then make up for having to be gone for a week because of my job. That's worth it to me.
  8. Banned for being AFK?

    And you're kind of missing my point. I'm saying it is HIGHLY unlikely that the account was banned for no reason (even banning for WTFast is technically a reason even if silly). If you stop playing now and someone breaks into your account and gets it banned, lets say you go to the forums with the problem instead of doing the correct thing and going to support. You'll say, "Hey guys, just tried playing after X years and my accounts banned, what's with that?" The response you get will be something along the lines of "Someone else must have done it on your account, did you give your info out?" or, "Maybe your account got hacked". It's all about context. This guys saying he was in full control at all times but he got banned. That says to me, HE did something. Could it be an incorrect ban? Sure, but its EXTREMELY rare overall.
  9. Banned for being AFK?

    It is the same thing, the account was banned for specifically bannable actions. It doesn't matter who does it, its still a perfectly valid and reasonable ban. The only difference with your case is the action probably happened because the account information was compromised by their failures. Heck, most publishers wont even go that far and say "too bad, should have changed your password". On true topic: I bet the OP loaded a bot or macro while he was afk.
  10. Banned for being AFK?

    You might not have directly contributed to the ban, but your account was used for a bannable activity. Same thing. Most instances of when the account is banned without the direct control of the owner is because the owner gave out their information, either to receive power leveling or gave to a "friend". In both cases the account owner is still the direct cause of said banning. In fact, the only time I've seen bans removed in situations like that is when the company has failed to properly protect player accounts.
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Is the lvl 10 restriction in yet? Cause the bots I'm seeing in chat are still lvl 4.
  12. If no money goes in, all expenditures are losses, hence my point about not buying... As for hacking... well... 99/100 times or more are people falling for social engineering attacks. It's up to you to protect your own account. One of the best ways is to not attempt to buy gold as most of those sites are account scam sites. It's like a win/win to not buy gold!
  13. Honestly, if you take a minute to think about it, its a pretty good system. Mob's drop a pittance compared to what daily missions give, but removing it from non-premium players means open areas are pointless to bot if you don't have premium. That means players don't have to compete with bots for their mission mobs as the bots are forced to run dungeons (which are instanced per player/party) to even make coin. Or, they have to buy premium which can turn the whole enterprise into a loss monetarily if ya'll would stop buying gold from them.
  14. Client crashes

    Nah, the client doesn't close when it crashes like this. The 4049 error is just an indication that the service is still running. You have to manually end the bns process.
  15. Game Crashes after NCSoft Logo

    Well, technically this is a fix for all the gold spammers. If your players can't connect, there isn't anyone to sell gold to! Brilliant!