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  1. misty wood neklace

    Ummm. you dont need to have the faction outfit on to fight them last time I checked. Therefore no pvp. Just killing npcs like any other npcs until you get what you need.
  2. Giving up on this game.

    The gift system isnt intended as a secure trading system.
  3. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    LOL. I have been playing MMO's since their inception. I have played pay to win games. This aint it. However you are entitled to your opinion.
  4. Pay 2 Win Confirmed

    Oh look another thread where someone thinks they have made a point. Until you can purchase items that give you a permanent advantage over others from the cash shop that are unavailable in game through grinding then it is not pay to win. Winning implies end game. As of yet we are not there. Someone who blows cash may get there faster but you can still get there without ever spending a dime. And since this isnt a racing game.... getting there first means nothing at all.
  5. I hate to say this but even WoW vanilla was a joke grind wise compared to some of the games I listed. I am definitely not a fan of the grind while I am doing it anyway. But there used to be a level of pride in saying you had a level capped character in the old MMO's, because it wasn't easy to do. And there was generally only a small part of the player base that had made it to cap. There was no such thing as a race to get to cap because you were talking about months of play not hours to get there. But that all went out the window when companies started with the F2P model. Its fast food MMO. Get it quick, get it now. Burn out and move on. The company doesnt care if you leave because they dont depend on your subscription to make money. Every new player that decides to try the game is likely to spend at least a few bucks. Thats their income. And as they did no western only development for the game, just recycled the content from their other markets they are not out any cost other than the hardware to run it on and a few people to over see it. Its all icing on the cake so to speak.
  6. I think that a happy medium could be found. My point was that having everything handed to you rapid fire is just as detrimental as making it take too long. If the game offers no challenge in PVE ( otherwise known as the leveling process in this game) then they loose the attention of a lot of gamers that arent here strictly for the PVP. There is a difference between adapting the leveling process to not be as grindy as games used to be and making the leveling process into a joke. Out of curiosity what games were you playing 28 years ago? Oh yeah I know the F2P model makes more money. However due to the company not relying on anything other than microtransactions to make a profit they dont have to pay any attention to the people that play. Because no matter how many people complain others will continue to throw money at them.
  7. I never said dont give feedback. I said that I encourage feedback, as long as it is useful. I acknowledge that the optimization is not optimal (see what I did there :) ) But my point stands. It is a F2P game. You can only expect a company to put so much effort into a game that they give away. If you want to see actual effort put in to making customers happy then you would need to play a game that is pay to play only. In regards to open world PVP. I see more Destroyers mowing through groups of oposit faction than anything else. Outside of that ranged always has and always will have the advantage in pvp.
  8. I am curious if you actually read my initial post. It seems like you are trying to carry on our conversation from the post about you getting hacked. As I stated in my OP. I am all for constructive criticism. It is the hate filled posts as people are out the door that I dont understand. If you are quitting then your post is meaningless. You will not be here to see responses or change if it happens. If you arent quitting and you are raging and saying you are quitting then you are crying wolf, and hurting your cause. Because you wont be taken seriously at that point.
  9. My post calls into question the reasoning behind people quitting the game and then coming here to talk trash about it. Nothing else. I then stated some facts about the problems with the game. Nothing else. Any toxic behavior has come from others. As you would note at the bottom of my post I wish the people leaving the best of luck. I dont hold ill will toward anyone over a game or forum posts. Too much energy for no return.
  10. P2W implies that paying gives you something you cannot get in game. There is nothing in the shop that give you an advantage that you cannot get in the game.
  11. Oh I wasnt putting you down. I am more creative than that. But this is a Safe Place. All shiny happy people here. You continue to make accusations about the company with no proof. And as far as putting me down, you called me a retard in your original post. So I guess you were the one to throw the first stone in any case weren't you.
  12. So everyone is a success until they fail. That is life. Whats your point? That the fact that their business practices have made them successful for the better part of 20 years is irrelevant? You seriously believe that people quitting a F2P game that they have no negative equity in is going to hurt their company at all? This game paid for itself when it came out 6 years ago. Everything since then is icing on the cake for them. Continuing to write like you are under educated, deliberately is just silly. But what ever floats your boat. I couldn't care less if you want to look that way.
  13. I have played NCSoft MMO's since Lineage 1 was in beta testing in 1998. Not once have their servers been breached to my knowledge. As a matter of fact I read an article years ago talking about NCSofts servers having tighter security on them then most bank servers. So once again comparing a company that actually has been hacked with one that there has never been a verified hack of (to my knowledge) isnt relevant to the conversation.
  14. If there had been a server breach I imagine that there would be alot more than the few individuals I see posting on the forums creating a huge outcry about it. Not to mention that NCSoft is legally required to report the breach of account info. So until that happens I am going to go with the idea that the breach occurred on the users end. Bots on servers have nothing to do with a server hack. Those programs are run from the user end. And League of Legends getting their Server hacked would have absolutely nothing to do with NCSoft servers. I dont wish getting hacked on anyone either. It is foolish however to assume that the issue is server side rather than something that happened due to activity on your computer.