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  1. Assassin OP?

    Dagger classes are supposed to kill people quickly. I wouldn't want it any other way. Other classes have the ability to avoid being killed by daggers if they are skilled. If they nerf Sin, I am gonna be balls mad.
  2. Rubberbanding after sprint

    This only happens to me on hills etcs. Any kind of bump in terrain.
  3. Hard spikes - fps droping

    I notice the framerate drop when other players are loading, transitioning to other areas, or in a highly populated area. i7 4970 4.4 Ghz 8GB 2300Mhz Nvidia 970 4GB
  4. [Issue] Wardrobe and Master Pack Costumes

    The wardrobe should be accessible by all characters on the account. That would make the most sense, especially since a lot of ingame items are worth Ncoin.