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  1. sound bugs

    are anybody having issue with this sound bug ? when you talking to the guy with getting the Quests ?...
  2. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    obs is waiting fot it :)
  3. Incoming Alpha 2 People!!!!!

    Cant wait just open it its new login gui :D
  4. i had the same problem i had the streaming on the 3d screen and on the 1screen twitch and middle the game and its was annoying...
  5. it found it its founny i think there would be funny that be gaming arena one per month..
  6. razer naga mouses

    Hello i wondering will it be razer naga mouses for blade and soul or just an appp so you or i can conf the 1234567891012 etc to combo etca
  7. report bugs ingame

    Hello my buddy said that would be nice if there was a feature that you could report when you play if there some bugs and exactly were you are etc..
  8. Window

    how many screens do you have? i have 3
  9. Will I be invited to the second Alpha?

    gonna check my mail then :D i didnt saw that yesterday that i got invited the Oct 10.
  10. Window

    well as in few games i use full-minimize like cs go in obs go just to see in the window screen correctly but sometimes the mousepointer just jumping to the second screen...
  11. Will I be invited to the second Alpha?

    wich 14th i bought mine 2015-09-28.. is it unlikley that i getting the second one?
  12. Window

    Hey i were noticed by that there was an bug, when were gaming sometimes the mouse just didnt work correct with my charter it went the wrong way..