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  1. I just gifted my friend a costume using Hongmoon Coins, and I didn't get any Rank Points. Please have it changed to also reward Rank Points as buying stuff for oneself. Since buying for oneself and gifting to a friend are costing the same, therefore it should both reward Rank Points.
  2. I was able to obtain the recipes/designs "Acquired Taste Secret Technique - Moonwater" and the Merry potter design from the dungeon Brightstone Ruin. The item has a description of "Acquired from Lycandi Foothills Lycandi Den." When my friend grind Lycandi Foothills Lycandi Den 30+ times, no recipes dropped. This same issue could exist for Viridian Coast and The Cinderlands zone recipes/designs.
  3. My character is a Summoner and when I tried to reset the skill points by pressing the Retrain buttom, a window pop up showing "Reset all skills on this page 1? Press Current Skill to reset only the current skill." When I press "Current Training Sessions", all my skills points resets; and when I press "All", my current skill skill-points resets.
  4. Misty Woods and Fishing Lodge Faction daily quests rewarded soulstones the first time I got the quest, but the next day soulstones aren't part of the rewards. I assumed at level 45 cap, Moonwater Zone faction daily quests are suppose to reward soulstones.