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  1. Yeah thats a ridiculous excuse to bet for an hour, I'm just gonna call you a troll and say good night.
  2. why wouldnt you increase the bids...
  3. here ya go newest class for BNS, a KFM and FM molded together.
  4. I agree with OP. Playing new dungeons as a low level and having 2-3 level 45's will ruin the experience. NCsoft should make it so you can play with random levels or just with levels that are appropriate for the dungeon.
  5. since we are paying for the warddrobe it isnt to much to ask that it should be accountwide. I dont mind buying costumes, I bought a founders pack because I like this game. So I am for spending cash if it feels worth it. buying a costume that is character bound doesnt feel like cash well spent.
  6. Well that escalated quickly. Keep it in English in the English forums please.
  7. most likely to many bots are crashing the servers
  8. Guys be careful with the "bump" posts, other topics have been closed because of bumps, I would hate it if they closed this post for such a reason.
  9. I also want this changed, sometimes you look at the clock and is like ok its 13:00 only to realise it is actually 14:00. It isn't gamebreaking or anything. But it sure would be a really nice QoL change :=)
  10. Is the droprate really really really high on the costume? I rolled twice and got it. Or am I just that lucky lol.
  11. gotta pay to transfer an item that you already paid for T_T
  12. Think you missed the fun part: MAIM versus MAIN. The former being destroying limb by limb.
  13. Maiming warlocks sounds like fun times, can I join ??!
  14. This happened to me on a rich cinderland quartz -_- felt like stabbing my eyes out
  15. This post is a really good initiative. It is nice to have all issues gathered. So I'll add one. The new costume Night Luna looks amazing however from behind the mid section will look really awkward flying in mid air. Posting an image for reference. I think the mid section is only bugged on Gon female. Since this is my main it makes me sad. NCSoft Please. http://imgur.com/gallery/NmlLxuC/new
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