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  1. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Good luck in the future Babble~
  2. Spirit Veil

    eyyyyyyyyy the 6th chest with a healing tonic..............................................................
  3. Spirit Veil

    -Hey what are you doing in misty woods? -Farming 12h long for 5 healing tonics.
  4. Spirit Veil

    5th :'D nice game i will advertise this game to all my friends.
  5. Spirit Veil

    You kill that fatass 1000 times, 995 times he drops nothing, 5 times he might drop a chests with a healing tonic. Healing tonic replaced the Spirit Veil? Nice ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing game.
  6. Spirit Veil

    4th Chest with a healing tonic only. This is the biggest bullshit.
  7. Spirit Veil

    This are the chests i'm talking about.
  8. Spirit Veil

    I don't think the adornment Spirit Veil is dropable anymore. If the Priest drops something after hours of farming, it's a "Chest" with a Healing Tonic only. The adornment isn't inside. Normaly if a Healing Tonic is dropped only, it's in a little pouch and not a big chest. Can anyone confirm he managed to drop the Spirit Veil lately? I've been in the Besieged Camp for over 8hours now killing Priests with 3 dropped "Chests" and everytime only 1x Healing Tonic. Support is being support and sends only copy+paste answers....
  9. nvm

    topic can be deleted
  10. 1000x Boxes ohne einen von möglichen 3 gems zu bekommen ist kein RNG. Das ist Betrug und Abzocke. Naja, Hilfe kann man hier sowieso nicht erwarten. Das war das erste und letzte mal das ich für diese Geier ihr Monatseinkommen mit "RNG" Boxes gezahlt habe.
  11. Sicher, dass die Kiste die Gems beinhaltet? 1000x Boxes heute früh um 4 uhr vor der Arbeit aufgemacht Was war da los?
  12. Idk who came up with that idea, having only 2 wheels with 18s spinning time. A bunch of ppl with main+alts sitting on the wheels like zombies waiting 10mins for ONE damn 18 second spin. You've by now 200+ Essence of Loves per Character and too many ppl sitting on this wheels. Most ppl just want their Heartbreakers and Love Makers Soul Crystals and don't rly care about the mats in it. Please, give us atleast a option to trade in the Essence of Loves for Heartbreakers and Love Makers Soul Crystals! Not everyone has the time to spent their only 1-3 hours per day in Cinderlands just to get that Event Cosmetic.
  13. Any plan for next faction areas?

    Bumb. Fix this MS Problems. Why was the 100 Bundle removed from Naksun anyways? Why didn't you change it from MS to MS Crystals like the 1, 10 Bundle?
  14. @ Developers: Please balance summoner

    F8 Heroes crying about summoner dps lul. Sum is somewhere at mid tier dps, pleb.
  15. Weekly box loot ninja nerfed

    They will always ninja nerf f2p boxes before RNG boxes get released in F10.