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  1. Give us the option to revert our Dyad Gilded Gems back to Triangulars with the mats we used to fuse them!! Breaking them will make us loose powders! Waiting for the patch will make us loose powders! WHY do you want to make the ppl that actually play this game active suffer??????
  2. Why do you want to cuck ppl that have fused gems? Is it because we play this game active compare to the slackers?
  3. Yes our version of BNS actually doesn't give a flying fk about ppl that play this game. ppl that play activly the game gets cucked everytime a big patch hits while the casuals which login once a week are happy.
  4. So we still make a lose if we've fused gems before the patch. nice
  5. The Tormented Weapon chest was a drop by chance from the "Dynamic Box" of the Lair, Yeti and Necropolis dungeons. The Accursed Weapon chest was a drop by chance from the "Dynamic Box" of the Asura Dungeon. I run those Dungeons today and all you get now is the exp without any box from the dynamic.
  6. Why don't we have a option to upgrade our current fused triangular gems into fused square gems?? Forcing us to break them will make us loose half of the mats used to upgrade them in the first place... ps.: Was the best stream since a very long time. A little bit short because important things were missing like fame system but i enjoyed it
  7. Pet collection system - hell no!

    KR is laughing at our crybaby regions. Give us the whole collection. 3 rows is a joke.
  8. That basically means we've to buy again 58 DGC's for pink badge fuses and stage 8 lol ~.~? Classes that will use pink fused badges will get cucked while the others can exchange it into another fused from stage 8 to 8, if i understood it right.
  9. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    Good luck in the future Babble~
  10. Spirit Veil

    eyyyyyyyyy the 6th chest with a healing tonic..............................................................
  11. Spirit Veil

    -Hey what are you doing in misty woods? -Farming 12h long for 5 healing tonics.
  12. Spirit Veil

    5th :'D nice game i will advertise this game to all my friends.
  13. Spirit Veil

    You kill that fatass 1000 times, 995 times he drops nothing, 5 times he might drop a chests with a healing tonic. Healing tonic replaced the Spirit Veil? Nice ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing game.
  14. Spirit Veil

    4th Chest with a healing tonic only. This is the biggest bullshit.