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  1. Why i quit this game

    Don't want to break your hype but Revelation will be p2w aswell it's a chinese game and it revolve around that, it's normal in their community to have p2w games, but i would be surprised if actually make it work and put effort into changing the game to the EU/NA mindset, however just don't fall for the same mistake like BnS when they said "No pay to win" And yes Pay to win is when you spend money to actually progress faster, rather than showing dedication through playing (example a person who just started and spent a lot of money to get all gear maxed, and a person who just been playing from the start up until now and got max geared) here where you lose your genuine player base because they don't feel like it's worth playing the game while they see other people just getting the same gear in less time because they spent money. It's just the trend these days with the MMO genre under the F2P flag as company just copy paste what is actually working profit/market wise and as long the community accept the things they will continue to do so, if they lose they will have to change that's pretty much how the world work.
  2. Arena Camera zoom/lock bug

    Please fix the Camera zoom bug for assist in arena i don't know how people bare to play with that? when you assist someone you start in zoomed in by the time you react the enemy already saw you and even cc'ed you sometimes another bug is when sometimes your camera get locked into one position and can't pan your character with unless you press shift f1 and exit quick or switch to classic mode and then bns mode quick.
  3. Q1 2016 launch vs Black Desert Online???

    don't forget that Black Desert got IP block so that generally excluding all people outside EU which is a fail move tbh
  4. See you in the head start :)
  5. Applaud Emote bug

    using the Applaud emote from the emote menu is bugged and it just type /applaud in the chat can't progress this daily quest (Start of the Festival".
  6. Warlock class items

    oh well delete this Mods :)
  7. Please change that every time you get disconnected from the game the game closes and you need to relaunch the game - why not send you back to the title screen?
  8. Warlock class items

    Warlock class items drop in Blackram Narrows - kind of useless since the class won't be available on launch and waste of loot
  9. Hard spikes - fps droping

    yea looks like Gameguards is trying to block/flag MSI afterburner