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  1. Bag space unlock glitched.

    On my Sin, Makibishi and the bag space unlock is glitched for the 1 copper bag slot. Can't unlock more space, I'm doomed. Can't Pvp because I can't hold all these pizza slices. Please send help NCSoft.
  2. The training weapon durability for the Assassin drains way too fast, I've only gotten about 2-3 quests in for this character run through at it's already at 1 durability and the game hasn't even started yet for this character I'm playing.
  3. [Issue] Item Shop not fair.

    This isn't a bug. It also doesn't take you very long to grind for mats anyways, people say it takes months when it only take s a week. Even then, they're giving you the mats because it's alpha and beta, why are you complaining? Is it because Alpha is only here for 4 days and it takes a week to grind mats for higher tiered weapons? Explain the logic please.
  4. Character creation issues.

    Played around with character creation for 3 hours, a few of the faces randomly don't generate options so I can't change any of the features when they load because the screen blanks out. I would tell you each and every specific face but I cannot because it's random. I was reloading the game, checking my internet connection, etc. Seems it's just a random chance it happens when you're in the character create screen.