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  1. The card is about as old as my computer is which is only a little over a year, the graphical glitches are BnS only. I have played Witcher 3 and FFXIV with no problems since it started happening in BnS. I haven't manually updated anything but that's because everything is set to auto update. I will check my latest drivers, thanks.
  2. I am on Windows 10, AMD Phenom processor and Radeon 280X video card. Since patch I have had some very bizarre graphical glitches that first popped up while I was doing story and is also breaking content for me as I can never tell when my screen would completely blank out during dungeon or pvp. I have tried logging out to character select (logged back in to the screen looking exactly the same), exiting the game completely, restarting my computer and file repair. Nothing has worked so far. Examples of the glitches: Please, can someone help me?
  3. So realistically speaking, could have just copied TW's F2P model with its better premium system. Legendaries in RNG boxes isn't P2W as that same legendary drops in dungeons in game.
  4. I think there is a relevant difference between naming a mob a made up word, and deciding that the player needed to be called something Asiany and making up a word. Sure, some groups of ignorant don't care either way, but for those that do its like...why?
  5. Jiangshi is not a made up word: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiangshi
  6. His pattern can get wonky if your DPS is not on point, irrc. Slow DPS during a phase will prompt him to repeat that phase's moves over and over until it is passed. It is working as intended as a 'soft enrage' telling you to hurry it up. I know it can be frustrating for players.
  7. People really need to stop white knighting the localization with assumptions and wrong information. The staff barely did any Korean to English translation. It is right here, on these forums in the Archives, what you may have seen referred to as 'EN1.' The original script was given to the team already in English from the Korean devs. Second misconception; that there was any need to match ESRB ratings. There is nothing ESRB related in taking the Mayor's sentence 'I am down here investigating the Blackram pirates' and localizing it to 'I was down in this abandoned well loo
  8. It's also locked or something as I cannot make a reply to it.
  9. My Forcemaster. http://imgur.com/PjVqkia
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