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  1. The card is about as old as my computer is which is only a little over a year, the graphical glitches are BnS only. I have played Witcher 3 and FFXIV with no problems since it started happening in BnS. I haven't manually updated anything but that's because everything is set to auto update. I will check my latest drivers, thanks.
  2. I am on Windows 10, AMD Phenom processor and Radeon 280X video card. Since patch I have had some very bizarre graphical glitches that first popped up while I was doing story and is also breaking content for me as I can never tell when my screen would completely blank out during dungeon or pvp. I have tried logging out to character select (logged back in to the screen looking exactly the same), exiting the game completely, restarting my computer and file repair. Nothing has worked so far. Examples of the glitches: Please, can someone help me?
  3. Sounds to me more like the issue isn't in Blade and Soul as a game, but that its a game that wasn't designed for NA/EU markets. Ping? Pretty much a non-issue in south Korea. FPS? PCBangs are standard set ups and if not used, the average computer quality is higher. That's both of the major issues with animation canceling rendered a moot point. Official tournaments? Same PC set ups, everyone same distance from the same server. Game released 4+ years ago, in development years before that. UP3 engine, this entire thing seems more of another variation of an optimization complaint post
  4. I'm not invested in the inventory thing, but I just want to point out that so far the 'localization' for the Western audience has been limited to: Changing how the cash shop works Dumbing down and altering the story Stuff they had to add on later that other Western games have and this doesn't despite localization because...reasons is: AFK timer Upcoming Master Loot change Spam filter Report Spam/Bots It has not been stuff like: Changing RNG for weapon drops grind Vote kick in dungeons Open world mob shared tag system (no red
  5. That tells me you are playing your FM wrong then. Warlock is extremely straight forward, everything revolves around the 4 ability. Warlock is also far less ping reliant than FM is, and if you're on TW then you should know your FM would be doing 30-40% more damage here, while WL is pretty much the same. And lastly, FM has been getting nothing but buffs for the past few combat patches while WL was nerfed all around, widening the gap. You can ask anyone on the KR servers, FM and Sin are the top DPS. Warlock is not close.
  6. That's fine? I also have both FM and Warlock on Taiwan. WL had less damage than the FM before, and Dec patch FM got more buffs, WL got nerfed. The gap is even wider.
  7. Yeah, no, not even close. Sin and FM are the top DPS and have been for months. WL is lower mid tier, below Destroyer but above the tanks and BD. High burst like the BD, but also like the BD lower sustained DPS, which is what matters. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  8. Which is a lot of bullshit unless they are talking about the CN S series. Other legendaries could be farmed, and there is always the option of changing the requirements to level it. That's the lazy way out and completely removes any incentive to run Naryu Lab beyond costumes. And gives the players that wanted a legendary or made a lot of money nothing to spend it on at all.
  9. So realistically speaking, could have just copied TW's F2P model with its better premium system. Legendaries in RNG boxes isn't P2W as that same legendary drops in dungeons in game.
  10. Advocating for a majority is pretty irrelevant. This isn't a presidential election. NCWest doesn't need 51% of people having issues for them to lose money. It doesn't even need 40%. A business losing even just 15% of its customers every quarter is doing poorly. What's with the majority obsession? The majority aren't subscribed to reddit. Does that automatically mean they have no problems? How many are simply silently quitting? The majority aren't on the forums. Does that mean everyone that isn't here complaining has no problems? That train of logic seems strange to me.
  11. I think there is a relevant difference between naming a mob a made up word, and deciding that the player needed to be called something Asiany and making up a word. Sure, some groups of ignorant don't care either way, but for those that do its like...why?
  12. Jiangshi is not a made up word: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiangshi
  13. Soulfighter about the healing. Warlock Soulburn buff is always welcome in groups.
  14. Dragoncall is what NA decided to translate Raging Spirit/Dark Dragon, the Warlock's 4 ability and the main source of it's damage. By default, it is a high burst attack, easily capable of critting 15k with the gear we have now, with lesser damage abilities to use in between until the cd is up again. Has a cast time. The secondary branch for it turns it into something far less bursty, middling damage but able to cast more often. Soulfighter is not at the top of the charts in DPS. It's above Lyn Blade Master and the tanks (KFM/BM) but not much higher. The healing isn't even well like
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