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  1. Since outfits are a common topic right now due to the Costume Contest, I was wondering if there any plans to release these two outfits (which originally came out with White Hot in Korea). Been waiting for some news for a year now about these two :(
  2. That is the Silent Night we could buy when the game launched back in January (which were made account bound when they introduced the new system). The one from the last event was intended from the devs to not be account bound. And even tho I would love to have Silken Splendor account bound too, I pretty much doubt they will make it account bound, even after the event ends.
  3. Don't ask me. This was said when they had a patch stream for Naryu Lab. The outfit drops already from Naryu, it justs looks different on females in other regions (it was only males and female Lyn that had the design we have now on all genders). Hopefully it will be added to the loot table, but nothing would suprise me anymore :(
  4. They removed the female versions because the female Lyn had the same as males. They wanted Korean devs to fix this before adding them to the loot table/F10 or whereever they put them.
  5. Hello and sorry for necroing this post. Just wanted a respond from the staff if we are gonna get the original version of this anytime soon?
  6. Most people compare gear grinding here to other MMOs like WoW (yeah, I used WoW because most people here have played it) where you just need to run a few weeks worth of raids to get end game gear. But in reality, gear grinding here is supposed to take a very long time, you DON'T need legendary, its just a perk to clear current dungeons faster, not a necessity. Hell, you won't even need legendary for the dungeons coming in Q4. Most Silverfrost dungeons only need 400-550 AP (depending on the dungeon and mode, and yes, the newer dungeons are in this range too). However, the reason for
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