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  1. Returning player(s)

    I mean.. thank you for the useless answer? No ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ sherlock o_o...
  2. Returning player(s)

    Haiiii so.. After quitting for..years? I decided to come back to the game, well to give it a try at least.. and i wanted to know, how "friendly" it is for new players?
  3. Made me remember my old game, forsaken world
  4. hacked today

    Send a ticket maybe they can help you with your account.. Might be stupid question but did u go to some website? cuz there is "fake' blade and soul website or w/e.. other than that idk what to say , if you send a ticket hope they will help u.
  5. You could sit, and make QQ thread about people QQing too much But it wont solve it, People will always find reason to "QQ" and what u are doing? making thread that QQing about people's QQ.. Yeah that shit wont solve anything. and "I don't want to offend people" but lets call them stupid. I hate when people "QQ" too much but it will never end, always like that, every game, move on, suck it up. Dam I sure used a lot "QQing".
  6. AP Gems

    BW - Kill, Get the Box, and Good luck with the RNG Tidal Treasures - (you need stage 7 weapon or 500 coral frag (?) ) Trove - Spend your money and again GL with the rng Hongmoon Training ticket - you needed 60, if you still have you can get the Peridot gem (Dragon Express) Merchant of Wonders Event - Peridot Gem, Rng RNG boxes - GL with the RNG.. Marketplace - a lot of gold. other than that.. not sure if there is more ways.. but I'm guessing we will be getting more shitty rng events xD
  7. Server transfer

    Nope. asked Julianne once on the stream.
  8. 4man Asura

    Yeah me and my guild been talking about it too.. Sometimes .. well everyday one of us get dc in asura 4 and its sooooo dam annoying till they log back > get inside > walk the whole way... yeah really annoying..
  9. Newsletter Reward

    Not trying to be rude or ungrateful But Thank you for the 7 days membership.. But you could of left the blue pet..cuz its kinda ridiculous..
  10. QUIT!!

    Bai Bai
  11. Daily challenge Event?

    Uhh can someone explain which event ? @Hime @Rukkirii
  12. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    Yeah, the thing is, watch how people will ask for " EXP" players few mins after the servers are back :D....
  13. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    trying to watch videos, learning sundered nexus but I just don't get the last boss Lol seems so confusing QQ..
  14. New Wanted Costumes

    Cant wait for the bikinis >: I remember we had it on betas or alpha my beta char xD