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  1. Super Hero outfit

    Just like with the Hello Kitty costumes they must form an agreement to use their ips.
  2. Merchent actually coded in?

    I ran Awakened Necropolis, Gloomdross Incursion and Heaven's Mandate 3 times each. Also, I made a mistake, I forgot I did Cold Storage 3 times too so that was 5 encounters in 12 dungeons.
  3. Merchent actually coded in?

    Did the daily challenge on my main and 2 alts today (9 dungeon runs that he could spawn in) and saw him 5 times. I'ts just a matter of RNG I'm sure.
  4. Thanks a bunch for all the info o/
  5. Is this confirmed anywhere by a gm? Or is this just from experience :?
  6. Some of my friends are really busy during the week and I'd been wondering if it's possible for me to log into their accounts and do their dailies and stuff without getting hassled for multiple accounts, suspected account theft, etc etc? Just playing it safe since I don't wanna risk my account to help out another o/
  7. I think the image below says it all. I spawned outside of the map's boundaries at the start and as escape is disabled in Battleground I was unable to get out of it for the entirety of the match. How disappointing.
  8. Character slot limit still 9?

    The limit is still 9. It's designed so that you have 1 slot per class (If you so choose to play one of each.)
  9. POH Hair

    I've seen the costume drop 3 times within 127 runs. The hairstyle about 8 times. And the eyepatch about 5 times. (*The hairstyle and eyepatch drop rates were estimated but I had been keeping track of costume drops.)
  10. You actually are able to sell it on the marketplace but to do so you have to achieve a pretty rare critical transmutation to obtain the sealed version. Hence it's high cost. With a 4 hour craft time (not including the ingredient's separate craft times) and some of the ingredients being pretty costly I don't find it worth the gamble at all. It would also be nice if all versions were able to be sold on the marketplace as you suggested, resulting in lower more reasonable prices. I'd be happy with either that or the account bound idea. I just want an easy affordable way to transfer the various outfit crafting items between my alts.
  11. I had been wanting to craft the Potter hat on my maxed out Merry Potter + Soul Warden character. I saw that Arcane Silk was a required material and worked on maxing out Acquired Taste on an alt. After finally achieving that I started crafting Arcane Silk but noticed it was unable to be traded. I looked into this and found that you have to get extremely lucky to get the Sealed version which is able to be traded - which can cost you a lot of gold. For a hat. I think it would be extremely fair to make these materials account bound, it would give more value and purpose into ranking up your alternate characters so that you can craft the ingredients for the various costume pieces available. Not having this ability just puts me off even trying to attempt the crafting of these items at all. I could of course switch over the Soul Warden class to Acquired Taste but it feels like a total waste. Having to rank up a class I don't want on my main at all just to abandon it and start again on the Soul Wardens, having to collect recipes again and such.
  12. Patchnotes "Ebondrake Citadell"

    Disappointed that we aren't getting the RMB Tier 3 Rumblebees instant cast on LMB Tier 1 Rosethorn use (not hit) like in the Asian regions yet :( Was hoping to see that with this patch but oh well, hopefully the next one.
  13. When new pets come out in the future, will we have the same opportunity we currently have? The ability to change, say, a Griffin into an Otter etc. I'd really love to have the chance to switch whenever new pets are released! Seems a bit iffy to put all your gold into evolving a pet that you might just wanna swap out in future.
  14. I've bought a bunch of costumes ever since I've begun playing the game from launch, some of which I still love to this day! Though some of the costumes aren't so... appreciated anymore. Can I return them for a refund? Not any more. Can I salvage them for something of equal value, Hongmoon coin maybe? Nope. Is there anything I can do besides let them sit and fester in my wardrobe? Not really. So what if there was a way to get rid of old costumes you don't love as much as you used to, or you regretted buying but can no longer return them? What if there was a trading hub of sorts, where you could exchange Hongmoon Store costumes for other ones. Say you have a costume from one of the previous 2 week rotations. It's no longer available. Others might want it while you don't! It'd be so awesome to give others the chance to obtain long gone costumes in exchange for getting yourself something new that you like in the process. No selling for gold. No selling for Hongmoon coin. Just a straight 1 to 1 trade, costume for costume. No purchase regrets after your refund period ends!